Yintegration: How What You Learn in Stillness Shows up in Movement

You will first go inward with yin postures and then energize with a standing flow. You will begin with a pigeon, a forward bend and a supine backbend. In each posture, you will be invited to progressively release tension, so you can feel the effects of standing still. Next, you'll move into a short active sequence that includes plank knee bends, side body stretches, a triangle variation and more.

Conclude with a restorative savasana, where you can experience the "yintegrating" effects of this practice. For this class you will need some blocks, some blankets and a bolster.

Props: Blocks, blankets, bolster

About the Teacher

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Ellen Mosko
Ellen's teaching style is an interactive mix of attentive alignment, fluid movement, and breath awareness.... Read more