Yoga Before Bed: Supine Lunar Practice

with Allison Egan Datwani

Style: Hatha Yoga

Duration: 30 min

Intensity: Low

Props: None

Class Description

Join Allison for this relaxing 30-minute supine practice—perfect right before bed. Begin the practice on your back in apanasana (knees to chest), finding mental stillness and a smooth, even breath. Flow through a series of outer hip stretches, withdraw into gentle, twisted folds, and finally enjoy a seated meditation to end the practice.

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Allison Egan Datwani

Allison Egan Datwani

Allison Egan Datwani is a creative and compassionate yoga teacher with a precise and mindful style. For over 25 years Allison has been guiding people to move, breathe, feel, release, center and heal.... Read more>>  

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