Yoga for Beginners (30 Minutes)

Class Description

This 30-minute class will introduce new students to several yoga poses perfectly suited for beginners, as well as to breath awareness and pelvic floor (root) work. Begin in a seated position and make it comfortable for you with blankets, cushions, or a chair. Stack the spine and start to notice your breath as you engage the perineum, drawing a line of awareness through the center of the body. Begin to observe yourself without judgment, and allow this new awareness of the body to initiate each posture as you move dynamically through table, balasana (child's pose), adho mukha shvanasana (downward-facing dog), banarasana (lunge), and more! Integrate and digest the work you've done in shavasana (corpse pose) before concluding the practice with a guided meditation.


About the teacher

Mia Park teaches yoga to facilitate self integration and personal transformation. She draws from Vedic,... Read more