Yoga for Beginners (45 Minutes)

Did you know that the mind and the breath mirror one another? Learn to control the breath and the mind with this 45-minute asana sequence for beginners. Start in a seated position and feel the breath at the nostrils; notice how it originates in the abdomen. Match this breath to your movement and rest the mind as you move dynamically through various postures. Find your inner strength at the pelvic floor to establish stability and confidence in your practice. Conclude with a guided relaxation in shavasana before meditation. 

For this class you'll need: 2 yoga blocks, rolled blanket, blankets and/or cushions for seated posture.

Props: 2 blocks, blanket

About the Teacher

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Mia Park
Mia Park teaches yoga to facilitate self integration and personal transformation. She draws from Vedic,... Read more