Yoga for Joint Inflammation

with Beth Spindler

Style: Yoga Therapy

Duration: 20 min

Intensity: Low

Props: Blocks, Bolster, Chair

Class Description

Learn simple practices designed to relieve pain and discomfort related to joint inflammation. Class includes a cooling breath practice called sitkari, leg swings (where you’ll stand on a block to test your balance), shoulder and side-body releasing practices from seated and standing, kirtan kriya (a seated kundalini practice that involves chanting), and a relaxing legs-up-a-chair practice.


Enjoy this easeful yet engaging experience.

Audio and video downloads are available for Digital Members. Digital Members.

Beth Spindler

Beth Spindler

Beth has over four decades experience in utilizing yoga as a healing modality, plus the highest certification in the field. Her book, Yoga Therapy for Fear, Treating Anxiety, Depression and Rage with... Read more>>  

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