Yoga for the Road Warrior

Traveling, whether for work or a love of wandering, can take a toll. This class addresses the physical exhaustion of long flights and car rides; muscle tension from cramped quarters, poor posture, and fixed gaze; not to mention the mental fatigue that comes from changing time zones.

You’ll begin in reclined baddha konasana (bound angle pose) with a blanket roll supporting your back. After that, you’ll move right into a spacious reclined twist (still supported by the blanket roll) followed by seal pose, puppy pose, pigeon, and a block-supported neck stretch.

Enjoy these sweet, slow stretches!

About the Teacher

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Megan Kearney (Pusateri)
Megan Pusateri, formerly Kearney is a creative vinyasa and thoughtful movement teacher who emphasizes... Read more