Yoga Therapy for Your Psoas

In this blend of tutorial and practice, you’ll learn about the anatomy of the psoas and the other hip flexors and their function, as well as the lifestyle and postural habits that can contribute to tightness in the region, and, in turn, affect the health of your lower back. If you have ankle weights, a theraband, an eight-pound weight or stone, and a step platform at home, have them on hand for this class; however, you can do all of the movements without them. Enjoy this focused practice and the opportunity to learn about the psoas and how to keep it strong and mobile.

Props: Blanket, bolster, chair

About the Teacher

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Jaime Stover Schmitt
Jaime Stover Schmitt- Founder and Director of Spanda® Yoga Movement Therapy Dr. Schmitt is a pioneer... Read more