The Goddess Sessions: Refresh and Refine Your Flow, Embodying Sarasvati

with Julie Dohrman

2 Hours
to Complete

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Our second in The Goddess Sessions series, Julie will lead an intelligent, flowing sequence toward "swan pose," or eka pada rajakapotasana.

Sarasvati is the Devi-muse of artists, writers, musicians, performers, scholars, and teachers. Often seen riding a swan and seated with books and mala beads, she embodies the endless stream of wisdom, insight, and creativity that can blossom forth from dedicated practice. Her name translates as “the one who leads to self-knowledge,” and her image and stories offer enlivening force to all creative endeavors, communication, decision making, and artful expressions.

Julie Dohrman

Julie is one of New York’s most sought-after yoga teachers known for her spirited and intelligent teaching style. Teaching and educating for nearly 15 years, Julie’s classes are a living mix of her deep wonder of yoga, passion for practice, and understanding that yoga needs a practical approach to take root. Julie’s classes are infused with clear instruction and smart sequencing for students to feel integrated, strong, balanced, inspired about life, and more freely in touch with Spirit. She conveys sage teachings in a useful way, makes the difficult accessible, and creates an environment for everyone to connect the practice of yoga to the path of personal growth.

The Goddess Sessions: Refresh and Refine Your Flow, Embodying Sarasvati