Rid Yourself of Rigidity

A 2-Week Challenge with Rocky Heron

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Discover new ways to move, release rigidity, and create functional strength and mobility. In this six-class program with Rocky Heron, you'll explore the space around you fully and do nontraditional practices that require different muscular activation and coordination than you may be used to.

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Throughout this program, you’ll prioritize free-flowing movement over alignment and you'll use props in unique ways—such as using a chair to explore vinyasa elements, blocks to increase sensory awareness, and a long dowel (or broomstick) to find deep whole-body release (and more).

This all-levels program is an ideal experience for anyone who feels they're stuck in a practice rut or simply wants to get a little more creative in asana.

Rocky Heron

Rocky Heron is an internationally acclaimed yoga educator and musician. Known for his uncanny wisdom and in-depth understanding of yoga anatomy and alignment, Rocky’s teaching is informed by years of study in nearly every yoga style and a diverse background of movement modalities.

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