Self-Massage for Yoga Practitioners

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Learn seven different massage strokes and a complete self-massage sequence.

Who doesn't have a little soreness every now and then—especially after a rigorous yoga class or two.

Ralph Stevens, a massage therapist of 28 years, will teach you everything you'll need to know to relieve tension in your own body and feel better today.

Very interesting & informative, and Ralph's humor makes it even better.
— Course Participant

Ralph Stephens

Ralph Stephens has been using massage to help clients ranging from Olympic athletes to everyday amateurs recover from their injuries since 1986. He travels extensively across the US and abroad, teaching advanced therapeutic massage techniques that provide a pain-free experience for both clients and therapists. A Massage Therapy Hall of Fame inductee, Stephens’ goal is to train more therapists in highly effective techniques, “so together we can help more people live healthier, happier, pain-free lives.”

Self-Massage for Yoga Practitioners