Guided Relaxation: Heal with the Breath

Let strength, healing, balance, and stability fill your whole body, and let go of tension and fatigue in this relaxing breathing practice. In the first part of the practice, as you exhale down through the body and inhale up, you will focus on the exhalation, letting go of stress and tension and cleansing the body. In the second part, you will focus on the inhalation that strengthens and nourishes the body. Then, as you completely relax, you will exhale and inhale out to infinity and rest in the infinite breath that is grace.

For this class you'll need: thin support for your head; optional—support under your knees, blanket to cover you, eye cover.

About the Teacher

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Shari Friedrichsen
Teaching yoga for more than 38 years, Shari Friedrichsen, a key facilitator of the Himalayan Institute... Read more