Progressive Power Flow
Find your power, build your strength progressively.

Power and Grace: A Circular Flow
This is quite the (fun) challenge.

Yoga Drills & Bits #2: Side Plank Progression
Got five minutes? Learn a new drill!

Yoga Drills & Bits #6: Ab Blast With Blocks
Fire up your abs with these quick and challenging drills.

Yoga Drills & Bits #3: Garage Door
Have a small blanket (or towel or socks) and two blocks (or books) handy and get ready for a new drill! Learn how to work progressively toward lifting your hips off the floor from seated using the strength of your upper back, pelvic floor, and shoulder girdle. You've got this!  This is...

Yoga Drills & Bits #1: Rolling Plank
In this five-minute class, you'll learn a rolling plank variation that will help you build upper body strength for more challenging practices (like pressing up into handstand!). The slower you move, the harder it becomes.  This is part of the Drills & Bits series (a...

Flow Into Better Balance
Flow toward a standing balance series.