Ayurvedic Spices for a Balanced Body

S1:Ep1213 Minutes

Discover the art of creating Ayurvedic spice blends, known as churnas, that enhance digestion, reduce inflammation, and balance your body. Explore four different churnas, each tailored to address pitta, vata, and kapha imbalances, along with a versatile blend suitable for three doshas. Elevate your cooking by sprinkling these spice blends on salads, adding them to soups, or sautéing with oil. Access the complete Ayurvedic spice blends through the linked PDF below. https://downloads.ctfassets.net/p0sybd6jir6r/6emAfnzKcWUPTbE0kY1nWc/d2fbabd5e999d5c93de47efe76cb7859/Ayurvedic-Spice-Mixtures-Thrive_Recipe.pdf