7-Day Self-Discovery Challenge


This 7-Day Self-Discovery Challenge will be nothing short of a life changing experience! You will become aware of yourself in a totally different light and continue to move forward on the path of self-transformation in the New Year. Discover your power for change with this simple yet effective awareness practice that will run every day from January 1 through January 7, 2015.

The challenge will work like this: You will receive an email from Amy Pearce-Hayden each morning. She will offer her experience, tools, and insight to help you take a close look at each of yoga’s 5 kleshas or obstacles: abhinivesha (fear), asmita (false identity), raga (attachment), dvesha (aversion) and avidya (ignorance). These 5-fold afflictions are near and dear to Amy’s heart, as they are “the keepers of our happiness,” she says.

With the help of a Klesha Bracelet, Amy invites you to bring awareness to your deep-seated habits of mind. You will focus on the klesha of the day by switching your bracelet from one wrist to the other when you are “triggered.” On the 6th day, Amy invites you to reflect on the 5 previous days: Which day was the hardest?  Which klesha surprised you the most and introduced you to a part of yourself you didn’t know was there? After this reflection and journaling, the 7th and final day of the challenge will expand the practice so that you can continue to study, refine, and become more aware of your true nature and what is not serving you.

The Klesha Bracelet is an important tool for deepening your awareness and rerouting your attention toward new, conscious action. We recommend purchasing the bracelet, as this will also help you commit to the challenge wholeheartedly. In addition, it will give you an opportunity to create change in another sphere: 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the bracelet will support the Himalayan Institute's Total Health Revolution Challenge, a fundraiser to bring healthcare and educations to thousands in Cameroon, West Africa. Watch this video to learn more!

Lastly, we’d like to invite you to join us on our Facebook page and leave your comments during the challenge as we build spiritual community together with encouragement and sharing of experiences.

Do I Have to Purchase the Klesha Bracelet to Join the 7-Day Challenge?

The Klesha Bracelet is not required to participate in the 7-day challenge. The challenge is free to everyone! 

The challenge has finished! To take part in an ongoing 7-Day Challenge, .

About the Teacher

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Amy Pearce-Hayden
Amy’s formal study of yoga began in 1995 with Iyengar Master, Gabriel Halpern, although she was self-taught... Read more