Amy Ippoliti on Journaling


If you keep a journal, chances are it’s filled with tales of sadness and woe. There’s nothing wrong with that; expressing those feelings in writing can be cathartic. But yoga teacher Amy Ippoliti suggests starting a second journal.

“One of the things that has really helped me turn up my own volume is to keep a journal where I write the things that are going well. What happens, I’ve found, is that because your mind-set is on what you’ve been doing well and what’s been going well for you, more stuff goes well for you.”

Ippoliti advises writing in your “success journal” immediately before meditation practice. “It sets the tone really nicely.” Jot down victories large and small, whether it’s kicking up into handstand for the first time, resolving a conflict with a coworker, or spending quality time with your honey.

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