Audio Lesson: The Healing Power of Meditation


In this audio lesson, Rolf talks about the need for internal strategies to address pain (because external ones, like spa vacations, are not long-lasting solutions). With yoga and meditation, he says, we can begin to see pain not as something we need to push away, but as an agent of our transformation.

In the guided seated meditation that follows, you’ll create a quiet space within where you can peacefully observe your breath. As you “inhale energy” and “exhale tired thoughts,” a smooth and continuous breath can begin to flow, enabling you to relax.  

You’ll also be invited to bring your attention to your eyebrow center and to use the soothing mantra soham to experience a restful place for your mind.

About the Teacher

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Rolf Sovik
President and Spiritual Director of the Himalayan Institute and a clinical psychologist in private practice,... Read more