Eco-Friendly Yoga Gear for Body, Mind, and Planet


As we strive to prioritize our planet's well-being each day, the arrival of Earth Day annually serves as a poignant reminder to amplify both our communal and personal endeavors to care for our shared home. Be it through practicing ahimsa, engaging in community clean-up initiatives, donating to environmental non-profits like Ashoka, participating in the Climate Awake Challenge or adopting a more mindful approach to your personal waste and consumption habits, every small effort contributes to the whole.

"In the practice of mindfulness, we cultivate not only awareness but also a deep sense of interconnectedness with all beings and the Earth itself. Let us remember that every breath we take, every step we make, is an opportunity to honor and protect this precious planet." - Thich Nhat Hanh

While we acknowledge the growing environmental footprint of the yoga industry as its popularity increases, we draw inspiration from the brands pioneering sustainability. They demonstrate that high-quality yoga products can be consciously crafted with natural and renewable materials.

Refresh your practice this Earth Day with these 6 eco-friendly yoga products!

1. Jade Harmony Yoga Mats

Jade Harmony is everything you want in a yoga mat –  incredible grip, great comfort and eco-friendly.  

Why We Love Them:  Jade mats are made sustainably with natural rubber tapped from rubber trees, a rapidly renewable resource, and are free of PVC, EVA or other synthetic rubber components. Their mats are made in the United States in compliance with all US environmental, labor and consumer protection laws. And, Jade plants a tree for every mat sold – with over Two and One Half Million Trees planted so far! 

For Earth Day, Jade will be donating 10% of proceeds from online sales back to the Earth through a donation to Trees for the Future. In addition, they'll plant a tree for everyone who posts an image of themselves in Tree pose and tags @jadeyogamats on social media.

2. Made By Coopers' Natural Meditation Cushion

Take a moment of stillness and self-reflection with Made By Coopers' natural meditation cushion.

Why We Love Them: Crafted with sustainability in mind, Made By Coopers’ natural linen cushions are filled with eco-friendly buckwheat hulls, offering enhanced comfort and focus during meditation. Plus, their ergonomic handle promotes convenient portability and the cushion's removable cover simplifies washing!

Use coupon code EARTHYOGA20 for 20% off site wide (excludes sale items).

3. Yoloha Cork Yoga Wheel

A simple circle with a surprising amount of ways to enhance your practice. Cork yoga wheels are an excellent tool for stretching, relieving pain in the spine and shoulders, assisting the safe advancement into deeper postures, and adding stability and versatility in backbends, balance poses, and more. 

Why We Love Them: Yoloha’s handmade wheels are constructed from sustainably-sourced maple and poplar wood. Rounded interior edges make gripping comfortable and an outer layer of foam topped with cork provides added support with cork's non-slip benefits. Furthermore, made with the highest grade cork on the market, there are no chemicals, latex or PVC’s and they are naturally antimicrobial!

Use coupon code "YIEARTHDAY" for 15% off any non-sale item. Valid through 4/30.

4. Bali Malas Rudraksha Seed Malas

Celebrate the earth by adorning yourself in the potent energy of sustainably grown Rudraksha Meditation Beads by Bali Malas

Why We Love Them: Bali Malas rudraksha beads are lovingly harvested by generations of Indonesian farmers who tend their rudraksha forests with love and reverence. Each seed is hand-knotted by a traditional artisan whilst chanting prayers as incense fills the air with blessings.  By choosing Bali Malas, you not only embark on a journey of mindfulness but also contribute to the preservation of the small island nation's coveted forests. 

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5. Hugger Mugger Yoga Bolsters

Hugger Mugger’s multi-purpose cotton bolsters are known for being firm, supportive, and soft. Their signature rectangular shape with a flat top and bottom offer unparalleled stability in reclining poses, twists, seated forward bends, and more. 

Why We Love Them: All Hugger Mugger bolsters are handmade with love in the USA. The Standard Bolster is an exceptional and long-lasting product, made with a focus on environmental responsibility.  Their upholstery-grade cotton cover and filling make them durable and a go-to favorite for teachers and students alike.

6. Rowdy Mermaid Kombucha

Rowdy Mermaid is interested in how taste can work in functional harmony with your body, mind and soul. Their kombucha beverages pack probiotics for gut health with sustainably sourced herbs and botanicals to minimize the negative impacts on the environment.

Why We Love Them:  Rowdy Mermaid kombucha is made with organic and regenerative botanicals, roots, and mushrooms. Their Alpine Lavender brew is a favorite for that post-class glow. They use Elderflower, a hard-working flowering shrub, to provide immunity support and lavender to promote a sense of calm. The result is unforgettably floral. 

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