Self-Discovery Challenge Day 2: Dvesha (Aversion)


Welcome back!

I know some of you might be thinking, “I had no idea how my thinking has been for so long!” It can be an incredibly awakening experience just to begin to notice how caught we’ve become in our thinking. I know it is for me, even after a few decades of study! Part of the practice of self-discovery is keeping an open and non-judgmental mind, so that we can compassionately begin to dislodge the thoughts that turn into actions that keep us from happiness and joy.

Today our focus is on the klesha known as dvesha, or aversion to pain. This klesha can be a heavy hitter. Who wants to be in pain? Why wouldn’t we want to move away from it? Before we can more fully understand how we experience pain, we first must begin to notice how and what we avoid. For today, we will switch or tug the bracelet when we catch the trigger called “resistance.” Each time we notice or feel resistance, this will inform us of our habit of avoidance and aversion.

Consider looking for resistance this morning during your yoga practice by noticing what postures you don’t like to do and how you avoid them. Take a closer look at what you’re avoiding—what would you experience if you did a posture you typically don’t do? Use this experience on the mat to take your practice and understanding through the rest of your day.

Have fun, and welcome what you see!

Namaste, Amy

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Amy Pearce-Hayden
Amy’s formal study of yoga began in 1995 with Iyengar Master, Gabriel Halpern, although she was self-taught... Read more