Self-Discovery Challenge Day 3: Raga (Attachment)


Have you noticed already how differently the first two triggers manifested? Today we look at raga, or attachment to pleasure—the exact opposite of yesterday’s klesha. A similar question could be asked here: “Why wouldn’t we want to have pleasure?” Although this klesha might at first sight imply that for some reason we are to avoid pleasure on the yogic path, it’s not that at all. The obstacle arises when we become attached to our idea of pleasure or to our expectations of the way in which happiness, joy, or pleasure will arrive. How often are our expectations not actually met?

During Day 3 of our challenge we begin to see more closely how the desire for pleasure drives our thoughts and actions. Today, tug your Klesha Bracelet or switch it to your other wrist every time you experience expectation, the trigger, to bring more awareness to this habit.

Thanks to so many of you for sharing your experiences! I’m very inspired and humbled by each of you! Keep the community of support going on Facebook or post a comment below.

Keep up the great work and see you tomorrow!

Namaste, Amy

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