Self-Discovery Challenge Day 6: Reflection and Commitment


First off, congratulations on trekking this journey! It’s exciting to know that thousands of us have been walking this path together for the past five days. It’s been an honor for me to have had so many of you share your stories this week about your experiences and revelations. Today I’ll be inviting you to take a look back at the past few days with a keen eye. As I’ve mentioned earlier, setting an intention—with a clear and direct statement—helps me to stay on track and catch the triggers that bump me sideways.

Our practice today will be to journal honestly a few simple, direct observations about our triggers. Try and make a statement about your own anxiousness. What did you notice? On day two, when you experienced resistance, did you notice certain emotions that came up with it? What would you say you noticed about your expectations? And for the last two days, what could you say about the differences and similarities you observed between how you judged others and how you judged yourself?

After this review, make a firm commitment today to choose ONE of the kleshas that you’d like to take a closer look at again for all of Day 6:

  • Abhinivesha (fear of death): Trigger – Anxiousness

  • Dvesha (aversion to pain): Trigger – Resistance

  • Raga (attachment to pleasure): Trigger – Expectation

  • Asmita (false sense of identity): Trigger – Self-judgment

  • Avidya (ignorance): Trigger – Judgment of others

Once you’ve chosen the klesha you’d like to work with again today, tug your Klesha Bracelet or switch it to your other wrist every time the trigger for this klesha arises. Today we will get a second look at how this obstacle might just be the “Keeper of Our Happiness,” by practicing what we resist the most.

Keep an open mind and compassionate heart as you continue to discover your best self!

Namaste, Amy

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Amy Pearce-Hayden
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