Self-Discovery Challenge Day 7: Expanding Your Practice


How interesting it is to me that when repeating a practice, whether it is a yoga posture, my mantra, or a second day of the same klesha, I always notice something entirely new and unexpected. I think about how many times I have practiced downward-facing dog pose, for example, and yet if I really tune in and pay attention, what I see, feel, and notice are completely different things than in the previous go-through. That’s the beauty of practice and of sadhana.

After a revealing week of self-study, today we have the opportunity to bring our newfound awareness forward into a 30-Day Self-Transformative Sadhana by recommitting for 30 days to the klesha that challenges us the most. Why just one klesha? When we transform in one area of our life, that transformation cannot help but bleed into the rest of our lives. If we become willing to take such a deep look at our biggest trigger, the outcome promises a greater sense of personal freedom. Join me today to recommit to expanding your practice, gaining a deeper sense of self while releasing the habits that keep you from greater happiness. In service and in gratitude, I look forward to staying in touch.

Namaste, Amy

About the Teacher

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Amy Pearce-Hayden
Amy’s formal study of yoga began in 1995 with Iyengar Master, Gabriel Halpern, although she was self-taught... Read more