Yoga Nidra: Introduction to the Complete Practice


Go deep within yourself to understand the relationship between consciousness, mind, and body with the ancient yogic practice of yoga nidra, yogic sleep with awareness. Yoga nidra is taught to help students master their sleep, to engage and gain control of the autonomic nervous system, to reduce internal tension, and to help alleviate many illnesses and diseases of old age. The 5-step process of yoga nidra includes light stretching; exercise without movement; systematic relaxation—shavayatra (61 points) and shitili karana (75 breaths); breath awareness (breathing practices that bring your awareness to the breath in the right and left sides of the body and the right and left nostrils); and sleep with awareness, or conscious sleep. Shift consciously from one state to another—from waking, to sleeping, to dreaming—with this remarkable series.

Yoga Mats Courtesy of Jade Yoga

About the Teacher

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Rolf Sovik
President and Spiritual Director of the Himalayan Institute and a clinical psychologist in private practice,... Read more