Beyond Jivamukti Fundamentals

This step-by-step class expands on the Jivamukti Fundamentals four-class series; however, you can jump right in even if you haven’t taken those classes. (If you’ve taken the series, you’ll be reviewing what you learned in a full, breath-infused sequence.)

You’ll begin with a warm-up and intention setting. After that, you’ll move into several rounds of sun salutations, standing poses, and an L-shaped handstand at the wall. In the second half of class, you’ll do a series of backbends (Jessica offers lots of options for modifications), forward bends, seated twists, a viparita karani (legs up the  all) variation (or shoulderstand if you prefer), fish pose, and savasana

The practice concludes with the Jivamukti “let go” meditation.

About the Teacher

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Jessica Stickler
Jessica Stickler grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico and has always felt an irresistible magnetic pull towards... Read more