Jivamukti Fundamentals Challenge

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In this four-week practice-based series, you'll be introduced to the fundamentals of Jivamukti Yoga, and you'll explore the basics of standing poses, backbends, forward bends, and vinyasa. 

Sign up and get one 60-minute class a week, delivered directly to you via email. The first three classes each emphasize a particular asana-related focus, and the last class ties together all of the work you've done for an integrative experience.

Along the way, Jessica offers a nuanced approach to pose breakdowns and to stepping up or stepping down the difficulty level of oft-challenging poses (so that anyone, no matter their experience, can benefit). Whether you want to explore a new style of yoga, deepen your existing knowledge, or start yoga from scratch (beginners are welcome!), this program is for you. 

Ready to begin? 

Jessica Stickler

Jessica Stickler grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico and has always felt an irresistible magnetic pull towards New York City, where she has been living since 1998. Jessica discovered yoga as a means to manage anxiety and depression, and was attracted to the beauty of the forms and the depth of the philosophy. Having studied philosophy at Sarah Lawrence College, there was something strange and exciting about doing philosophy while standing on one's head! With the beat of punk rock in her heart, she headed into the concrete jungle only to discover that in the midst of a chaotic city, she could find some quiet and clarity at Jivamukti Yoga's flagship school in Manhattan.

Jivamukti Fundamentals Challenge

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