10-Day Core Strength Challenge

30 Minutes
Per Day

A New Class
Every Day

Daily Reminder

Anytime, Anywhere

Explore, engage, and make friends with your core with Yoga International's free 10-day Core-Strength Challenge.

Each day, you'll receive a hand-picked core-centered yoga class delivered right to your inbox!

During the challenge, you'll explore unique, interesting (and fun!) core-centered practices with a variety of teachers, including simple and effective ways to activate your deep core muscles without stressing your neck and lower back. You'll also learn practices designed to activate core strength on a more subtle level, helping you to cultivate willpower and confidence. Whether you want to explore your first three chakras, refine your plank pose, or get reacquainted with your deep transverse abdominus, this challenge is for you!

Here's how it works: Each day for 10 days you'll receive a new core class via email. These practices are fun, engaging, and most importantly, doable! You'll start with a simple ten-minute practice and gradually build from there each day.

10-Day Core Strength Challenge

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