2016 30-for-30 Challenge

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Challenge Overview

Life can be busy, but you can stay strong in your resolution to practice! To help you along, we've created a new challenge for the new year: the 2016 version of our popular 30 for 30 Challenge! Sign up for the challenge today and you'll get a hand-picked 30-minute yoga class delivered to your email inbox every day for 30 days. (If you haven't signed up for the challenge yet, no worries! You can begin your 30-day practice at any time.) Ready to get your challenge on? It's going to be a great year!

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Challenge Outline

30 Days to complete

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Section 1
  • When you awaken later than usual, do you wonder whether you can squeeze in a full practice? Or when the day is overcrowded, do you tend to skip practice entirely? Nikki offers a great 33-minute flow that will fit into a short morning, a lunch break, or just about any other time—to get your body and energy moving, and to focus your mind!
Section 2
  • Does a challenging practice have to be long and complicated? Nope. You can get a really fun and rewarding heat-building practice going in a very short period of time. Join Kat for this quick, strong, and simple class including chaturanga push-ups, balancing poses, warriors, and much more (all in just over 30 minutes!).
Section 3
  • Jump into a somewhat nontraditional forward bend practice. Join Nikki as she helps you experience forward bends as not only calming and grounding, but challenging and vigorous as well!
Section 4
  • Cultivate an inner stability that is rooted and strong, as well as soft and flexible. Join Jen for this grounding practice, full of challenging balancing poses, core work, and strong standing poses.
Section 5
  • Curious about Jivamukti? Join Luis in this classic Jivamukti vinyasa, Simple Class 2, featuring down and updogs, knees-chest-chin, cobra, twisting chair, revolved side angle, warriors I and II, triangle, side angle, shoulderstand, fish pose, and more. Enjoy!
Section 6
  • Chaturanga' d out? Maybe your shoulders are cranky, or you're injured, or you've just practiced them a lot this week and you're looking to change it up. If you want a sweaty practice without all the chaturangas, join Kat for this powerful 40-minute alignment-based practice featuring planks, warrior dog, revolved half moon, humble warrior, high lunge twists, and much more.
Section 7
  • Join Lauren Toolin in a short, simple, revitalizing backbend practice that takes you to a delightful place rather than one that emphasizes pushing and aggression.In this class, which features a host of wonderful backbends (prone boat, bridge, camel, balancing bow, and more), you'll learn to anchor yourself with your breath as you expand into each pose—slowly, softly, and sweetly.
Section 8
  • Looking for a really juicy, sweet practice that opens up the pelvis and hips and releases the low back? You've found it! This practice features chair, side angle, a variety of lunges and hip-openers, and concludes with pranayama and a concentration meditation. Create a conversation between your spine and lower abs and learn to garner strength from your lower body with this short (and sweet) all-levels practice!
Section 9
  • Ayurveda says the seat of health is good digestion. Nevertheless, many people suffer from some type of digestive discomfort. Join Jackie for a fun, twisty 30-minute practice designed to keep your belly happy. This all-levels class will fit easily into a busy schedule and is a valuable resource to return to again and again. Here's to healthy digestion!
Section 10
  • Where do you store tension? In your neck? In your shoulders? Join Emily for this shoulder-opening sequence that will help you work through your tight spots and find relief.
Section 11
  • Find and create space while strengthening the body! This practice starts with an active standing sequence, and Luke invites you to move with the breath as you build strength. The session concludes with a deep relaxation, leaving you feeling strong, balanced, and with a sense of ease—your best self!
Section 12
  • One of the best ways to strengthen abdominals is to challenge them as stabilizers. This stress-free abdominal sequence is designed to strengthen the abdominal muscles without creating any stress or any strain to the neck or low back.
Section 13
  • Think you don't have time for yoga? Here's a 15-minute vinyasa sequence you can easily squeeze into a busy day.
Section 14
  • This sequence for the legs and feet will also stabilize your knees and hips and bring a sense of balance and grounding to your whole body. Begin with sun salutations and move on to leg and foot warm-ups and then standing postures that further work the legs and feet. The sequence ends with an arm balance and a cooling, neutralizing, seated forward bend.
Section 15
  • At its core, alignment-based vinyasa is the intelligent placement of the body and breath. As you set this intention, enjoy an invigorating shakti-flow sequence that builds up to difficult and strengthening poses, concluding with Eka Pada Koundinyasana, an arm-balancing pose dedicated to the sage Koundinya.
Section 16
  • Use this short sequence to open the pelvis and hips and clean out your basement! With even exhale and inhale, nourish and cleanse the body, feeling the breath come deep into the hips and lower torso. Enjoy some variations of the lunge and other postures to open the hips and strengthen the lower spine.
Section 17
  • A welcome challenge to the "monkey mind," this practice creates steadiness through slow, mindful movement, long holds, and self-observation.
Section 18
  • Sitting a lot? Maybe your back feels a little tight or sore? Join Jen for this accessible practice that focuses on relieving tension in the lower back.
Section 19
  • Need more energy, enthusiasm, and courage? Activate your radiant body through the pranic hub! This area is your center of power, not only physical strength and stamina, but also prana—the sheer life force that generates joy, passion, and determination. It is the key to vibrant good health, as well as the power of transformation. Join Sandy in this dynamic practice that invigorates the pelvic area from the navel to the pelvic floor, utilizing poses such as crocodile, prone boat, locust, bridge, boat, and agni sara prep to get the fire going. This sequence can also be incorporated into a vigorous...
Section 20
  • Restore your body, mind, and breath after a long and restless day. Luke invites you to ground, stabilize, and relax with this rejuvenating sequence that concludes with a deep relaxation. It will leave you ready to enjoy the rest of your evening and a sound sleep.
Section 21
  • So many times during the day we struggle with ourselves, our co-workers, and family. Our yoga practice offers a time to turn toward mindfulness. Start in a seated meditation posture to deepen the breath and bring your awareness inward. Move through various standing poses, using breath and movement to entrain the mind toward tranquility. The practice concludes with a restorative inversion and closing sequence.
Section 22
  • Prepare step-by-step for a deep backbend—urdhva dhanurasana, or wheel pose. The practice leading to this peak pose begins with a restorative backbend and continues with a deep twist and invigorating postures. Kat uses creative sequencing and useful tips to deepen your understanding of the postures and your body. When you are finally ready to come into urdhva dhanurasana, Kat offers a few pointers and variations to allow you to come safely into the pose.
Section 23
  • Need a confidence-builder? You’re not the only one. Join Shari for a wise and encouraging class that wrings out self-doubt and judgment and reestablishes the natural intelligence of your body.
Section 24
  • Good morning! Build heat through a challenging standing flow yoga sequence that is followed by balancing seated postures to open the hips and spine. This yoga practice will nourish, challenge, and prepare you for an invigorating day.
Section 25
  • Here's great support for the legs and lower back! Start with gentle warm-ups lying on your back and then move onto all fours to strengthen the back as you lengthen the entire back of the body. Throughout this practice, Judy invites you to turn inward, and she weaves relaxation postures into the sequence so that you can continue to tap into your breath and mind as you prepare the body. The session ends with a systematic relaxation.
Section 26
  • A complete yoga practice in 30 minutes? Yes! Join Greg for this sequence, which includes forward, side, and back-bending postures, as well as hip openers, twisting and balancing postures, core work, pranayama (breath practice), and relaxation. Use this class as your go-to on days when you feel like you don't have time for yoga.
Section 27
  • Join Mia for an engaging asana practice and prepare yourself for meditation! Begin by centering yourself in a comfortable cross-legged position and invite awareness at the root. After drawing energy up from the root and through the spine, move dynamically through various postures to invigorate the whole body with the breath. Conclude the practice with a short relaxation and pranayama practice before resting in meditation. Props (optional): yoga blocks; blanket and/or cushion for sitting.
Section 28
  • Get cool, calm, and collected with this pitta-pacifying sequence that focuses on lateral movement and grounding poses. Kathryn encourages you to find comfort, ease, and space in the postures rather than pushing yourself to the max (as pittas tend to do)! The sequence starts with centering and includes downward-facing dog, sun salutation (with shithali pranayama), triangle, and forward bends, as well as a squat and twist.
Section 29
  • Prepare for your day with this 30-minute vata pacifying yoga sequence. The sequence includes breath and movement to calm and steady the vata dosha, and concludes with a long relaxation.
  • Stimulate and fire up your kapha with this active morning practice. It starts with the ayurvedic style of bhastrika pranayama (bellows breath), in which the torso opens and contracts with the breath. Kathryn then guides you through two variations of sun salutation, coordinating movement with the breath. She suggests modifications to the postures to accommodate different levels of students. The practice concludes with a stomach squeeze and child’s pose.For this class you'll need: block or blanket for child’s pose (optional).
  • Get cool, calm, and collected with this pitta-pacifying sequence that focuses on lateral movement and grounding poses. Kathryn encourages you to find comfort, ease, and space in the postures rather than pushing yourself to the max (as pittas tend to do)! The sequence starts with centering and includes downward-facing dog, sun salutation (with shithali pranayama), triangle, and forward bends, as well as a squat and twist.
Section 30
  • In less than 30 minutes, this sequence of simple daily stretches and postures will cleanse, nourish, and strengthen all areas of your body and give you the joy of moving with the breath. You’ll start with standing warm-ups and then work from the floor with postures that increase circulation, flexibility, and strength in the back, neck, abdomen, hips, and legs. As you coordinate movement with the breath, you will find that the two seem to become one. Finally, rest on your back, letting the floor support you as you bring awareness to your breath and let your whole body relax and breathe.Prop: a thin...

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