30-Day Yoga Gratitude Challenge

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Challenge Overview

We've created something new and exciting just for you: the 30 Day Yoga and Gratitude Challenge.

How does it work? Every day we'll email you a 45-to-60-minute class which will thematically center on cultivating balance, strength, and flexibility and embodying gratitude and joy!

We've also chosen classes designed to promote and support healthy digestions and stress-reduction. As part of the challenge we'll invite you to contemplate something that you're thankful for each day, and welcome you to share images and sentiments which express your gratitude on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. 

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Self Paced Learning

Challenge Outline

30 Days to complete

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Section 1
  • Try this vinyasa flow practice to invigorate, stretch, and strengthen your whole body. Narween helps you modify the poses to meet your individual needs and level of practice. Starting with sun salutation variations to warm up the body, you’ll move on to a standing sequence that includes warrior 1 and 2, side bends, and a hamstring stretch. Then come to the floor and open your hips and the front, back, and sides of the body with seated and reclining twists and hip openers, bridge, and bound angle pose. Finally, relax in shavasana.
Section 2
  • p>Feel light and expansive with this grounding and playful 60-minute practice that will help you open and strengthen your side body in standing and seated poses. The apex pose for this intermediate sequence is parivrtta janu sirsasana, or revolved head-to-knee pose.
Section 3
  • Transform tension into spaciousness of body, mind, and heart with this alignment-focused practice. Amy will guide you through a sequence that moves from a seated focus on the breath to deep twists and long holds at the wall. Enjoy!For this class you'll need: strap, 2 yoga blocks, and wall (optional)
Section 4
  • Join Nikki for this well-rounded, alignment-based practice and rediscover your stability in standing poses, your flexibility in forward folds and twists, and your vigor in backbends. Then enjoy the sweet return to quiet and stillness. Modifications and prop recommendations are included. For this class you'll need: 2 blocks, 1 strap, 1 bolster, eye pillow
Section 5
  • Being a dancer all her life, Jennifer created this routine to return balance to a hyper-mobile body. Whether you’re a dancer or not, you will benefit from this sequence that focuses on strengthening and steadiness in poses, as well as stretching the muscles that tend to be tightest.
Section 6
  • Wind down and chill out at the end of the day with this 35-minute sequence full of standing and seated forward bends.
Section 7
  • Great for any time of day to invigorate the body and calm the mind. Start by centering the mind, then tune the body through a strong standing flow, followed by calming seated postures, and concluding with a relaxing closing sequence and brief relaxation.
Section 8
  • Want a practice that detoxes the body, balances the mind, and stimulates agni? Twist it out! Linking breath with movement, you'll practice seated and standing twists interspersed with strengthening, forward bending, and back bending postures such as chair pose, standing forward bend, warrior III, and locust. The session ends with a relaxation in savasana and the practice of alternate nostril breathing.
Section 9
  • Invigorate the body and breath with this strengthening vinyasa practice. Sun salutations warm up the body, and a challenging standing sequence opens the hips and builds strength. Finally, further release the hips in pigeon, and gently create space in the body in reclining postures.
Section 10
  • How often do we sit? A lot. When we sit, some muscles become tight and some become weak. Yikes! Join Ben in activating the core musculature (which tends to shut down when we're sitting) and releasing tension from the glutes, hamstrings, and psoas. This practice features low lunge, pyramid, side angle, traveling horse, and a variety of planks to bring new length to the musculature and reestablish strength.
Section 11
  • Create inner tranquility with this all-levels class by using the breath as a “peacemaker.” By monitoring and shaping the breath in a variety of postures and focusing on the three dimensions of breath, you can reduce tension between the body and mind and come into a state of stillness without rigidity.
Section 12
  • Are you a runner? This 50-minute sequence will enhance flexibility and reduce tension in your quads, hamstrings, and hip flexors so that you can hit the track (or road, or forest!) with a renewed sense of confidence and ease.
Section 13
  • Build power at the root and let each posture unfold from that power in this practice emphasizing balance postures. Begin by activating energy at the root, or pelvic floor, and then pull power from the root upward to the crown of the head as you move through sun salutations and standing balances, as well as seated, back bending, and reclining postures. The session ends with a relaxation and nadi shodhanam (alternate nostril breathing).
Section 14
  • Gain direction for your day! Use breath and movement to awaken the body and mind during this morning yoga practice. Start with a cleansing pranayama practice, kapalabhati, move through gentle warm-ups lying on your back, energize and ground through a standing sequence, and unwind with some balancing seated postures. Practice concludes with a visualization, relaxation, and a short meditation inviting gratitude and contentment for today.
  • Unwind from your busy day and turn your attention inward with this calming evening yoga practice. Center with kaya sthira (absolute stillness and steadiness), train the mind with slow movements with breath, and work on extending the exhalation through soothing chants. End the practice by choosing between a restful or an active inversion, legs resting on a chair, or variations of the shoulder stand. Conclude with a restful relaxation and experience a deep sense of stillness—ready for a good night’s sleep.
Section 15
  • Here's a good practice for feeling grounded! Apana vayu, one of the 5 subsets of prana, is the grounding and descending force in the body. It governs mental, emotional, and physical elimination. This strong sequence emphasizes samavritti breath (exhalation and inhalation of equal length) and encourages you to ground into the earth through the entire session, finally melting into the earth with a concluding relaxation.For this class you'll need: meditation seat and yoga block (optional).
Section 16
  • Archery gives yogis a great metaphor for skill, strength, and alignment. In the Mundaka Upanishad, it’s stated that “om,” or our mantra, acts as a bow, creating the required building of energy and steadiness for the arrow (our individual soul) to reach the target (the universal soul). If we aim precisely, it is written, we, too, can merge with our target, just like the arrow. So join in this archery-inspired, hip-opening practice designed to help you build the focus and stamina to meet your goals!
Section 17
  • Revitalize your body with this complete practice! Enjoy this perfect mix of stretching and strengthening postures, which include laterals, twists, forward bends, and balancing poses (all in 40 minutes!).
Section 18
  • What do you need to release? Let the breath serve as your guide as you move through this flowing vinyasa practice. This sequence - including ujjayi pranayama and sun salutations - will help you to build heat and cultivate the strength you will need to fully let go of what no longer serves you.Playlist (songs repeat throughout the practice) tTapasoyogi Nandhi & Turiyanada, Dreaming Didgeridoo (album), Dance of the SiddharstFat Chance Belly Dance, Tribal Dance, Frame DrumtGabrielle Roth and the Mirrors, Bones (album), Dolphin
Section 19
  • Savor the energy of samana (balanced energetic effect), using twists, core work, and samavritti (even exhalation and inhalation) to create balance for the body and mind. Samana creates calmness and alertness, making this a great practice to do before meditation. Concludes with a deep relaxation and nadi shodhanam (alternate nostril breathing).
Section 20
  • This vigorous, well-rounded vinyasa sequence is a flagship Jivamukti practice that invites you inward as a spiritual warrior and leaves you feeling energized and grounded. In this breath-led practice, Luis helps you focus on the breath by counting the inhale and exhale as you move through standing postures, twists, and balances, as well as back bending and forward bending poses and inversions (including supported shoulder stand and headstand) for a complete practice. Finally, wind down and go further inward with a short meditation and relaxation.
Section 21
  • Feeling tight in the hips and low back? Release tension in your lower body with this grounding and strengthening 35-minute intermediate sequence.
Section 22
  • Strengthen and energize your upper back and open your shoulders with this invigorating 60-minute sequence! Enjoy exploring variations of salabhasana (locust pose) and warrior poses, a restorative backbend, and more.
Section 23
  • Backbends are expansive postures that embody joy. Through this progression of simple backbends and counterposes that includes expert attention to alignment, explore key actions of the legs and upper body leading up to ushtrasana, or camel pose. Enjoy the open, wheel-like feeling that a well-aligned backbend creates.
Section 24
  • Loosen areas of the body that tend to grip when you're stressed by strongly engaging the muscles and then completely releasing them. A sequence of floor work and standing postures will soften tight areas as you move with the breath, allowing you to settle into your body. After a final relaxation and a brief pranayama practice, you will leave the mat feeling relaxed and restored.\n\nFor this class you'll need: cushion or blanket for your head and for sitting.
Section 25
  • Asana empowers us to shape our reality—to become more creative and less restricted. How does it do this? By expanding and reshaping our energy body to unlock shakti, our creative potential. Through focusing on laterals and twisting postures (standing, seated, and reclining), this practice will move and expand your pranic energy, inspiring you with a “can do” attitude toward whatever you’d like to bring into your life. The session includes pranayama and a brief relaxation in shavasana.
Section 26
  • Join Brooke in a revitalizing practice to uplift your mood! This 40-minute class includes three types of twists, standing poses, core work, hip-openers, and a backbend, followed by chanting and breath work to calm your nervous system.
Section 27
  • Is your life on hyper-drive? Feeling anxious or scattered? Try this 45-minute slow-it-down, breath-focused practice that integrates attention with intention. Pull yourself out of \"always on the go\" and find your own place of calm.
Section 28
  • Tummy troubles? Join Brooke for this potent sequence that helps restore balance to this vital area, while revving up your digestive fire and calming the nervous system.
  • Ayurveda says the seat of health is good digestion. Nevertheless, many people suffer from some type of digestive discomfort. Join Jackie for a fun, twisty 30-minute practice designed to keep your belly happy.This all-levels class will fit easily into a busy schedule and is a valuable resource to return to again and again. Here's to healthy digestion!
Section 29
  • Samana vayu helps us digest our food and turn our life’s experiences into wisdom! It is one of the 5 subsets of prana, the life force, and governs both physical and mental digestion. This sequence focuses on twists to access samana vayu. At the end of the practice, you will have a sense of lightness and will feel more present to the deepest part of yourself.
Section 30
  • Recharge yourself with this expansive practice focused on prana vayu, inward moving energy. Prana vayu is one of the five aspects of general prana and governs our ability to take in and to rejuvenate ourselves. It rules inhalation and is most active in the area of the heart and lungs. Lynn invites you to focus less on perfecting the poses and more on exploring the breath as you move through this sequence coordinating movement with the breath and retention of breath.

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