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”Brave Conversations” is a podcast about yoga and society as told through the voices of yoga teachers, scholars, and life-long students meeting at the intersection of wokeness, wellness, and the world.

Each episode, a variety of guests meet to have crucial conversations about complex topics such as identity, intersectionality, equity, and social justice. It’s designed to engage listeners and educate them to think critically about all the perspectives presented in order to activate and apply a boldly informed yoga in the world.

Janessa Mondestin

Janessa Mondestin is the founder of Soulthentic School of Yoga, a certified Yoga Therapist (c-IAYT), an experience Yoga Teacher (e-RYT500), an iRest Yoga Nidra Level 1 Teacher and Director of People and Culture for Yoga International.  She is the creator and curator of Brave Conversations podcast, a teacher’s teacher, and continuing education provider. Formerly a professor of Yoga for Stevens Institute of Technology teaching self-care through meditation and movement to staff and students, Janessa adapts her offerings for the audience to help integrate the benefit of the practices. Janessa devotes her time to being a lifelong student to the practices of spirituality, resilience and wellness while sharing her knowledge by teaching workshops, trainings, and coaching intensives. You can learn more about her at JanessaMondestin.com.

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  • In today's episode, you get to hear first hand, about how being Native and Indigenous matters to the conversation of Yoga; in ways that we typically think of, and in many ways that we’ve never realized before. You’ll meet three Native/Indigenous yoga teachers, Sunshine Zerda, Kristi Trujillo and Kate Herrera, who will share their yogic journey and points of view regarding identity, community, and representation.
  • In today’s episode, tune in to learn from accomplished Black men Yoga Teachers about how to navigate the world and the wellness industry using Yogic principles to counter the stresses of oppression. Reggie Hubbard, Justin T Temple and Jonathan Miles cover the nuances of occupying space within overt oppressive structures like systemic racism and policing of the black body to subtle microaggressions and racial gaslighting inside yoga studios.
  • This episode will introduce you to three vibrant and strong black women and leaders in their community. We discuss how the power of joy and connection helps them navigate through and be leaders in their yoga spaces. Georgette Dunn, Shanna Small, and Oneika Mays, share their perspectives on finding connection, claiming space, and leading through action.
  • Meet four Latin-Americans living their Yoga out loud in an industry that often asks not to stand out. Join Melvin Escobar LCSW, Yely Staley, Natalia Tabilo, and Lorena Saavedra Smith for an intimate and brave conversation about their journey of being true to their identity while assimilating their culture into their Yoga practice without compromising their authenticity. Learn how acceptance and real love opens doors for others, no matter how different you may be.
  • This episode introduces you to the perspective of Asian-American yoga teachers and their views about what Yoga means to them and how they use the practice to help liberate themselves from broader sociocultural constraints brought on by their identities.
  • This episode tackles the many nuances of practicing and teaching yoga from the LGBTQIA+ perspective. We discuss identity, inclusion, and personal strategies to authentically stand in your truth. And holding studios, and fellow teachers and students accountable for upholding the ideals around making this practice accessible and inviting to everyone.
  • Generally speaking, the conversation around Accessible Yoga centers around yoga for different bodies. But what about yoga for different brains? This conversation is about how to be inclusive and supportive of the neurodivergent students and/or autistic students in class. With such a nuanced topic, we invited three guests with very different relationships to this practice of yoga. Julia, a former student of yoga. Emilee, a yoga student who is currently in teacher training. Both of whom are autistic and/or neurodivergent. And Shawnee, a long time teacher who focuses on yoga for autistic students.
  • Let’s talk fat liberation and yoga!! In this episode, Tiffany Croww and Marc Settembrino discuss how the origins of Body Positivity are rooted in the Fat Liberation Movement. But along the way, “Body Positivity” co-oped the movement and somehow made it about ALL Bodies. So let’s step back and acknowledge that fat bodies are worthy and deserving of dignity, respect, and love.

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Janessa Mondestin
Janessa Mondestin is an experienced yoga therapist with over 1500 hours of education specializing in... Read more

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