Exploring Your Chakras

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Course Overview

Gain clarity of mind, cultivate self-awareness, and unlock your true potential as you embark on a yogic journey to balance and harmonize your chakras.

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Course Outline

6hr to complete

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Section 1
  • Experience increased vitality and a profound sense of well-being as you align and balance your chakras, unlocking a new level of personal growth and transformation.
Section 2
  • Activate your first (root) chakra with this practice that’s designed to help you release tension and feel grounded. Sue guides you through vitalizing breathwork and anchoring visualizations, and invites you to explore the clarifying bija mantra, lam.
  • Tap into feelings of groundedness and stability with this practice for muladhara chakra—the first chakra, which is located at the base of the spine. The first half of the class includes dynamic seated forward folds and sit-up variations (including sit-ups where you’ll roll into a seated forward fold from plow pose). After that comes twists and chanting from seated wide-legged forward fold, a breath of fire variation you’ll explore as you do sit-ups, and 54 squats aka “frogs” (or as many as you can do).
Section 3
  • Spark your creativity with this 2nd (sacral) chakra practice. You’ll awaken this powerful energy center with seated cat-cows paired with breath work, a visualization of the color orange (the color associated with this chakra), and the bija mantra vam.
  • Explore a dynamic kundalini practice for svadhisthana chakra—the second chakra which is located at the pelvis and associated with creativity, pleasure, and emotion. During the first half of class, you’ll do dynamic seated practices—including “body drops,” where you’ll press into your hands to lift your body off the ground and then release it back down, active arm movements, and swaying side bends. You’ll then practice hip lifts on your back, a reverse tabletop flow, breath of fire from wheel pose or bridge, and more, before winding down in child's pose.
Section 4
  • Ignite your inner strength and vitality with this third chakra (lustrous gem) practice. You’ll begin with breath of fire, an energizing pranayama. Then, you’ll experience a light-filled visualization, chant, or simply listen to the invigorating bija mantra ram, and more.
  • Bolster your commitment, energy, and will with this practice for manipura chakra, located at the navel (known as the solar center). This class begins with breath of fire from a variation of head to knee pose. After that you’ll come onto your back for energizing leg kicks and “piston pumps” before moving into an energizing seated practice that includes active arm movements and meditation, and much more.
Section 5
  • Soothe your heart with this fourth chakra practice that’s designed to help you express more love and compassion to the people in your life. You’ll do chest tapping to activate your heart center, practice nadi shodhana to calm your mind, say a gentle affirmation to yourself, and more.
  • This fourth chakra practice includes a practice for self-love, a plow pose variation flow, a rock pose flow with mantra repetition (sat nam, "true self"), a deep squat with breath of fire, heart-meridian activating practices, and more.
Section 6
  • Cultivate healthy communication with this relaxing fifth (throat) chakra practice. You’ll do ujjayi breathing, gentle neck stretches, say (or chant) the bija mantra associated with this chakra (ham), and more. Enjoy bringing your authentic voice into the world!
  • Learn about and connect with the fifth chakra in this practice that includes guided visualization in a staff pose variation, chanting ong (“creator”) in easy pose, heart-chakra-focused practices from seated and standing, an element-inspired (ether) flow from rock pose (kneeling), and more.
Section 7
  • Awaken your sixth chakra with this clarifying practice designed to help you tap into your intuitive wisdom. You’ll begin with a third eye practice before moving on to a worry-releasing massage for your forehead, a moonlight visualization, and more. Enjoy the grounded feeling you might experience afterward, and allow it to carry you throughout your day.
  • This class is focused on working with the sixth chakra, ajna, which is associated with our third eye and intuitive abilities.You will begin with seated fire breathing explorations that integrate energizing wrist and arm movements. This will be followed by standing fire breathing, long deep breaths in downward facing dog pose, bow pose, stretch pose, rock pose and more, before concluding with a chanting/receptivity practice in easy posture.
Section 8
  • Experience light-filled visualizations to feel the spaciousness of the universe and be your truest self. Enjoy this peaceful experience of deepening your connection to source.
  • This dynamic kundalini sequence is for the seventh chakra, which is associated with the crown of the head and the mystery beyond us. You’ll begin with seated practices that involve twisting, forward folding, and breathwork. After that comes an upward plank flow that integrates breath of fire, a squat flow, a standing forward fold flow, a standing side bend flow, and more, before a concluding 11-minute mantra meditation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, you can include this course in your Yoga Alliance training hours, with each hour equivalent to one continuing education credit.
This course is entirely self- paced, allowing you to learn at your convenience.There are no imposed deadlines or time constraints for Course completion.
No prerequisites are required; this course is open to anyone interested in deepening their knowledge and practice.
No, the course is accessible to all individuals interested in enriching their understanding and practice of yoga.Yoga teaching certification is not a prerequisite.

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