Find Your Perfect Meditation Seat

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This short course will help you eliminate physical obstacles and distractions in your meditation.

Steve Harris offers essential tips for making your sitting posture steady and comfortable, and he demonstrates several postures to choose from. You will find that when your body is steady, relaxed, and comfortable, your mind naturally becomes quiet.

In this 45 minute digital course, you will learn:
  • Four essential alignment instructions for making your sitting posture steady and comfortable
  • The stages of sleep, and the brainwaves associated with each stage
  • Helpful tips on how to stay awake while moving through relaxation toward deep sleep
  • How to do a short meditation, allowing your body and breath to relax and your mind to enjoy the stillness Begin Course

Steve Harris

A long-time practitioner of yoga and meditation, Steve Harris has been studying with the Himalayan Institute since 1985. A computer programmer with degrees from Rutgers and Syracuse Universities, he worked for major corporations for more than 12 years and credits yoga with providing balance in the hectic world of corporate America.

Find Your Perfect Meditation Seat