Jade 30-for-30 Challenge

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Challenge Overview

Join us for the new Jade Yoga 30-for-30 Challenge, where you will receive all the motivation you need to reboot or revitalize your practice.

Let's use this fresh start to re-affirm our yoga practice.

Certificate of completion

3 CEU’s Upon Completion

Self Paced Learning

Challenge Outline

15hrs to complete

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Section 1
  • Joyful Poses with Oneika Mays

Section 2
  • Finding Home Wherever You Go with Oneika Mays

    Guided Meditation
Section 3
  • Compassionate Movement with Oneika Mays

Section 4
  • Tendrils of Compassion with Oneika Mays

    Hatha Yoga
Section 5
  • Lunchbreak Yoga with Luke Ketterhagen

    Hatha Yoga
Section 6
  • Everyday Morning Practice with Luke Ketterhagen

    Hatha Yoga
Section 7
  • In this fun, mobilizing, and heat-building sequence, you’ll transition from seated to kneeling to standing (and reverse your movements) in multiple ways. After a warm-up, you’ll “take your triangle for a walk” to prep for fallen triangle, move from sukhasana (easy pose) to standing and back down again, roll up from reclined to seated (and back down) in different ways, and more. At the end, you’ll wind down with supine stretches for your hips and legs and viparita karani (legs up the wall). Have fun with this class that—in Trina’s words—is designed to help you feel more agile and more confident!
Section 8
  • Join Dianne Bondy for a 30-minute practice that combines vinyasa and longer holds in classic postures. This sequence includes: a gentle twist, boat pose, sun salutations, pigeon pose, half happy baby, and much more.
Section 9
  • Feeling a bit tense and stiff in your upper body? This engaging, alignment-based shoulder sequence is a quick way to increase mobility and find relief.
Section 10
  • According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the evening is the time to let the spirit rest in the heart. In this reclined practice, you’ll begin with a guided visualization as you lie with a bolster under your knees and a blanket under your head. After that, you’ll do gentle stretches that include held hamstring stretches, a supported bridge pose, reclined and figure four twists, and more. Allow yourself to relax into each pose and let gravity do its work. Rest in savasana at the end for as long as you like to prepare for a good night’s rest.
Section 11
  • Whether you want to get into those fun yet oft challenging inversions or you just want to cultivate core stability, this strengthening class is for you. You’ll begin with a series of core warm-ups in tabletop, including knee-hover twists, knee-hover elbow taps, and more. You’ll then move into a core-focused sequence that includes Superman pose, side plank variations, prone core work, some fun rolling transitions, and more. Get ready to work, sweat, and have fun!
Section 12
  • This class is all about building strength! You’ll be guided through challenging, accessible, and fun poses like marching chair, standing pigeon, and goddess squats. Get ready for a heat-building, core-strengthening yoga experience.
Section 13
  • In this strong, backbendy vinyasa class, you'll build on sun salutations by incorporating locust, bow pose, and side bow, and transforming creatively linked standing and balancing poses into backbends. Be prepared to work and play hard!
Section 14
  • Come into a feeling of ease in your body, mind, and heart with this calming practice. You'll begin with chanting, mudra, and pranayama practices and a short spinal warm-up from easy pose. After that comes a standing wide-legged forward fold, restorative seated poses, plow pose, supine hip circles, and more. You'll conclude the experience with guided relaxation practices in savasana. Enjoy giving back to yourself.
Section 15
  • A simple yet challenging 30-minute class that provides a little workout without all the super-fancy poses. This sequence features warrior III, knee-to-nose, eagle pose, camel pose, powerful high lunge poses, yogi push-ups, and more. Enjoy!
Section 16
  • This simple, yet grounding vinyasa class is designed to inspire those who are eager to get back into a routine practice after falling off track due to busy schedules, heavy workloads, and life commitments. The practice opens with slow, easy warm-ups that integrate empowering breathwork. After that, you’ll move into a more fluid flow with a focus on deep hip openers (including pigeon and half frog), forward folds, and more. This is your practice, your breath, your body, your movement — enjoy experimenting with variations or modifications of the poses to take it to the level you need to get you back...
Section 17
  • Join AnaMargret in this full-body yin sequence focused on paying attention without tension. Prepare for long holds in poses like reclined butterfly, spinal twist, one-legged happy baby, wide-legged forward fold, and more. Throughout the class, AnaMargret invites you to notice the areas where you might feel tight and to use the power of your breath to soften and ease into each pose.
Section 18
  • In this lighthearted yoga class, you’ll focus primarily on standing poses designed to open your hips and hamstrings. You’ll do familiar poses like revolved triangle, pyramid, a strap-supported head to big toe pose, dolphin, half splits, and more. Then, you’ll conclude with a check-in from down dog to see how your legs are feeling after the activating standing work you did.
Section 19
  • Looking for an inspiring practice to start your day? Join Ruby for this short and sweet morning flow.
Section 20
  • This yin yoga class is designed to release tension in your shoulders and ease lower back discomfort. You'll practice folded wings, starfish, seal (or sphinx), and a gentle supine twist, and then rest in savasana. Let these heart-opening poses elevate your mood so that you can start your day with positivity.
Section 21
  • According to ayurveda, we can optimize our digestion through building inner fire, or agni. In this digestion-boosting class, you’ll explore energizing elements like bandhas, sun salutations, light corework, and a variety of gentle twists that are designed to stoke your digestive fire without overheating your body or agitating your mind.
Section 22
  • Join Cyndi for an energizing morning practice that’s designed to leave you feeling grounded, balanced, and ready to start your day. The class begins with upper body stretches from standing before moving on to a few rounds of mindful vinyasas. After that comes a warrior flow, and from there you’ll move on to bridge and wheel variations. You’ll follow the backbends with constructive rest pose and a seated wide-legged forward fold. Finally, you’ll wind down in savasana before concluding seated, hands to heart. Enjoy savoring your morning.
Section 23
  • In this alignment-focused practice, you’ll work on developing strength, stability, and flexibility in your psoas with progressively challenging movements in a standing balance series, a lunge sequence, and prone backbending series. Then, once the active practice is over, you’ll unwind with a prop-supported bridge pose. Enjoy concluding this relaxing, passive stretch!
Section 24
  • Learn how to find contentment and calm on and off the mat. Join Keya for a sequence—featuring "spinal-roll" transitions, leg lifts, planks, warrior III, humble warrior, eagle, wheel, and more—designed to help you cultivate equanimity. Let's start.
Section 25
  • Breathe long and deep, move slowly and intentionally. This comforting earth-element sequence includes grounding flows and soothing pranayama. It's an ideal practice anytime you need to reconnect to your body and to a sense of gratitude for planet Earth.
Section 26
  • Find balance in your body with a surya namaskar (sun salutation) practice that has a marma point focus.* You’ll explore alignment cues throughout that can help you release tension, feel more attuned to the presence of energy in your body, and tap into your power. Enjoy cultivating ease and awareness on the mat. *Marma points refer to concentrations of energy or life force in the body. Focusing on them can help you feel more connected in body and mind as you do yoga.
Section 27
  • Feeling tense in your body and breath? In this gentle supine class, you’ll rest over a block or blanket to passively release tension. You’ll rest over this prop on your back, belly, and sides as you focus on breath and body awareness. Try this class and notice if your tension melts away afterward.
Section 28
  • Join Dan for this grounding whole-body sequence. You’ll begin with a feel-good standing warm-up. Then, you’ll move on to an activating squat variation, sun salutes, a horse stance flow, crow pose, a prone shoulder-mobilizing sequence, backbends, and more. Wind down with a block-supported viparita karani (or shoulderstand) and supine twists before closing in savasana.
Section 29
  • Turn inward and calm your mind with this grounding morning practice. You’ll begin in a relaxing belly-down pose, cultivating a smooth, even, and continuous breath. Then, you’ll continue to activate the parasympathetic nervous system (‘rest and digest’) in a gentle sequence that includes slow cat-cows, a simple sun salute on your knees, and child’s pose. Class concludes with a simplified variation of nadi shodhana (alternate nostril breathing) that allows you to focus on the flow of prana (vital energy) in each nostril.
Section 30
  • This kundalini-inspired class focuses on the first, second, and third chakras . It's designed to help you activate your courage, harness your creativity, and uncover your innate gifts. Enjoy this energizing practice!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, you can include this challenge in your Yoga Alliance training hours, with each hour equivalent to one continuing education credit.
This challenge is entirely self- paced, allowing you to learn at your convenience.There are no imposed deadlines or time constraints for Challenge completion.
No prerequisites are required; this challenge is open to anyone interested in deepening their knowledge and practice.
No, the challenge is accessible to all individuals interested in enriching their understanding and practice of yoga.Yoga teaching certification is not a prerequisite.

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