Learn to Flow: Vinyasa for Beginners

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Challenge Overview

Join Dianne Bondy for this fun vinyasa program for beginners!

If you’ve ever found yourself in a vinyasa class and not quite sure how to get into certain poses or how to keep pace with the flow, or you just want to feel better in your yoga practice, this course is for you.

Over two weeks, you’ll learn the fundamentals of breath, alignment, and basic yoga poses and transitions, as well as how to customize the poses for your body. And, Dianne gives you plenty of opportunities to review what you’ve learned along the way. You’ll also receive four bonus classes—two evening restorative practices (think complete wind-down), an afternoon chair yoga class (a feel-good flow), and a revitalizing afternoon class for those times when energy can dip.

In week one’s classes you’ll delve into mechanics with the following classes: Standing and Breathing, Practicing Sitting, Practicing Transitions, Building a Flow, and Putting Week One Together—where you’ll integrate all you’ve learned and add a balance pose into the mix.

In week two’s classes, you’ll review what you’ve done so far and then explore further with these classes: Dive Deeper Into Balance Poses, Dive Deeper Into Strength, Dive Deeper Into Transitions, and  Putting Week Two Together—where Dianne includes a few surprises in your standard sequence!

Get ready to salute the sun with all your heart, learn the finer points of cat-cows, do lots of strengthening lunges, and much more!

Certificate of completion

3 CEU’s Upon Completion

Self Paced Learning

Challenge Outline

5hrs to complete

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Section 1
  • Dianne welcomes you to the program and gives you an overview of what it’s all about!
  • Props: blocks, blanket Dianne breaks down the mechanics of posture, breath awareness, and ujjayi breathing (the breathing technique commonly used in vinyasa yoga) with a simple sequence that includes flowing arm movements, standing twists, chair pose, low lunges, dynamic bridge pose, and more. She also provides helpful alignment tips for those with achy backs!
  • Props: blocks, blanket Learn breath and alignment suggestions for seated twists and side bends before moving into a feel-good flow that includes cat-cows, puppy pose, downward dog, and child’s pose. You’ll also revisit dynamic bridge pose and practice reclined pigeon pose, before winding down with supine leg stretches and savasana.
  • Props: blocks, blanket Typically in vinyasa yoga classes there’s a fair amount of moving up and down on your mat. In day three’s class, you’ll learn how to coordinate your breath with some common vinyasa transitions. You’ll also revisit cat-cows and lunges, experiment with the knees-chest-chin and other sun salutation transitions, and conclude with seated twists and forward bends.
  • Props: blocks, blanket On day four, you’ll add on to what you learned in the first three days of the program. Class starts with a calming centering practice, and after that, you’ll do a sequence that includes sun salutes, low lunge twists, chair twists, warrior ll, seated twists, and savasana. Along the way, Dianne gives you plenty of alignment tips to help you make the poses feel right for your body.
  • Props: blocks, blanket Put what you’ve learned during week one together with this well-rounded practice. You’ll begin with a few rounds of half sun salutes before moving on to high-lunge-twist-infused sun salutes, chair twists, and a warrior ll sequence. Then you’ll explore tree pose, building your foundation slowly and mindfully from the ground up. Once the active work is over, you’ll conclude with seated hip openers (butterfly, deer pose—and pigeon if you like) and savasana.
  • Props: chair, blocks This beginner’s chair class is designed to help you feel refreshed in body and mind when your energy begins to dip in the afternoon. You’ll do heart-opening upper body stretches, feel-good forward folds and open twists, block-supported lunges, and more. Most of all, you’ll move slowly and mindfully to fully experience what yoga is all about—in Dianne’s words, “assimilating your experience.”
  • Props: blocks, blanket This joyful restorative class for beginners opens with a supine grounding centering practice. After that, you’ll remain on your back for a hip opener and a tree pose variation before practicing a blanket-supported sphinx pose. Class concludes with a blanket-supported savasana. Along the way, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to simply enjoy your breath and the quieting effects of the practice. Have more than one blanket on hand for this class.
Section 2
  • Dianne explains what week two’s “deep dive” is all about.
  • Props: blocks, blanket Week two kick offs with a review of some of the alignment principles you’ve learned so far and an intro to some new ones. After that, you’ll move on to sun salutes, reviewing the key transitions as you go. Then, you’ll do a high lunge flow, explore plank pose, do seated forward bends and twists, and more. Relax at the end in a block-supported savasana where you can stay as long as you like!
  • Props: blocks, blanket Ready to learn more about balance poses? Dianne takes you through a fun practice that includes sun salutations, a warrior ll flow, a balance pose sequence, bridge pose, reclined twists, and savasana.
  • Props: blocks Today you’ll build more strength with chaturanga, the sun salute transition where you lower straight down to the floor from plank. You’ll do a full practice, warming up with sun salutes, then exploring chaturanga step by step. Then you’ll move on to a warrior flow and strengthening poses such as goddess, side plank variations, and boat pose before a wind-down sequence and savasana.
  • Props: blocks On day four of week two, you’ll spend time working on transitions. You’ll begin seated with a centering practice and a warm-up. Then you’ll do sun salutes (and revisit chaturanga), do block-supported lunge twists, experiment with stepping your foot forward to a lunge (and warrior l) from down dog, practice hopping forward from down dog to the front of your mat, and more. Enjoy these fun customizable transitions and then wind down with supine pigeon and reclined butterfly pose, before concluding in a prone hip-opening savasana variation.
  • Props: blocks, blanket In the final class of the program you’ll put all you’ve learned together in a fun flow, with a few surprises along the way—just to keep you on your toes! You’ll move at a moderate pace through a sequence that includes sun salutes, a tree pose and a transition to warrior lll, deer and/or pigeon pose, seated twists, and more, before concluding in a savasana of your choice. Enjoy yourself!
  • Props: chairs, blocks Need a pick-me-up? Explore this fun sit and stand practice where you’ll do energizing pranayama, a chair-enhanced down dog flow, a goddess flow that moves from seated to standing, a seated warrior ll flow, and more, before concluding with legs on a chair pose. Have a chair available, of course, and enjoy!
  • Props: blocks, blanket Let your props do all the work for you in this end-of-day restorative class. You’ll begin with a calming breath practice in a block-supported hero pose. After that, you’ll move on to a relaxing sequence that includes a block-supported child’s pose, shoulder- and hip-opening stretches, fire log pose, and a block-supported, wide-legged forward fold. Rest at the end in savasana where you’ll be invited to completely release any remaining tension. Have a blanket or an extra block on hand for this practice.

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Dianne Bondy
Dianne Bondy is a social justice activist, author, accessible yoga teacher, and the leader of the Yoga... Read more

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, you can include this challenge in your Yoga Alliance training hours, with each hour equivalent to one continuing education credit.
This challenge is entirely self- paced, allowing you to learn at your convenience.There are no imposed deadlines or time constraints for Challenge completion.
No prerequisites are required; this challenge is open to anyone interested in deepening their knowledge and practice.
No, the challenge is accessible to all individuals interested in enriching their understanding and practice of yoga.Yoga teaching certification is not a prerequisite.

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