New Year 30-Day Challenge

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Challenge Overview

Ignite and deepen your yoga practice with the New Year 30-Day Yoga Challenge! Immerse yourself in a thoughtfully curated daily practice to energize and enrich your wellness journey.

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3 CEU’s Upon Completion

Self Paced Learning

Challenge Outline

30 days to complete

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Section 1
  • Welcome to your 30-day New Year's Challenge! Prepare for a transformative experience with a month of carefully curated yoga classes. Feel free to download or print the calendar to mark off each day you complete and track your progress.
Section 2
  • Start your day well with this steady-paced, well-rounded practice to wake up your body and mind with kindness. Begin lying down in savasana, and then move into gentle grounded poses before standing up to build strength and energy. Close the practice with grounded backbends, twists, and finally savasana again. Come back to this practice each morning to support a great day! Props: 2 blocks (optional)
Section 3
  • Warm up your body from the inside out with intentional, continuous movement to start your day off right. Begin with gentle core work and hip openers on your back before moving onto a well-rounded flow that includes standing poses, backbends, and twists. Props: 2 blocks, blanket
Section 4
  • Take good care of your low back with slow but powerful movements. This practice will open your hips and hamstrings and strengthen your core, addressing a few of the major areas that can help soothe your lumbar region. Props: something to sit on
Section 5
  • Release and strengthen along your spine through this sequence of stretches and gentle movements. Work with bridge pose, windshield wipers, and bird-dog to give your spine supportive mobility.
Section 6
  • Take a break to stretch and improve circulation in your neck muscles. This seated sequence is a gentle tonic for stress or technology strain. Props: blanket or cushion Props: none
Section 7
  • Move and breathe with compassion for yourself, inside and out. Choose a mantra that is meaningful to you as you smoothly flow through hip openers and strong standing poses. Take good care of yourself at every age and stage of life. Props: none
Section 8
  • Start your day with an energizing sequence to intentionally set your body and mind for the day ahead. Flow, balance, move some energy, and carry your intention with you throughout the rest of your day. Props: none
Section 9
  • A practice that meets you exactly where you are, chock full of feel-good, full-body poses. Feel strong in standing poses and expansive in backbends. Settle in to feel better in your body. Props: block (optional)
Section 10
  • Build well-rounded core strength to last a lifetime with a series of accessible yet challening yoga-inspired movements. Begin by lying down and activating the front body, then work the obliques, back and glutes. Finish with full-core movements like plank and baby boat. Props: none
Section 11
  • Begin your day with a foundation of gratitude. You'll playfully shake your body, then do sun salutations, and conclude with a serene meditation. Props: none
Section 12
  • Start your day with fluidity into your hips and removing any stagnation or stiffness experienced in your hip joints after waking up. Props: none
Section 13
  • Breathe, move, and find internal equanimity through this well-rounded practice. Begin seated with gentle spinal movements, then find some kneeling poses before moving up to strong, standing poses with steady breath.
Section 14
  • Enjoy a lifetime of healthy mobility with this practice that's tailor-made for your spine, hips, and shoulders. Move through a variety of poses including twists, heart openers, and more. Props: 2 blocks, strap
Section 15
  • Discover the extraordinary tucked inside what has been deemed ordinary. You'll hear guided visualizations to cultivate gratitude for the little things in life as you open through your heart center, stretch your hips, and create length in your inner thighs. Find magic in the mundane. Props: 2 blocks or blanket
Section 16
  • Feeling hunched and compressed in your spine? This standing practice is designed to help extend your spine and bring freedom to your side body and hips with breath and movement. Return to this class again and again throughout your day! Props: none
Section 17
  • Infuse your day with energy and intention as you move through a sequence of poses designed to warm up your body and awaken your senses. You’ll start by moving fluidly between forward fold and mountain pose then gradually pulse through a flow featuring crescent lunge, warrior II, side-angle pose, star pose and wide-legged forward fold to feel invigorated for the day ahead. Props: none
Section 18
  • Stretch out the sides of your body to create spaciousness. Breathe into your neck, side waist, low back, and IT bands so you can feel more ease in your whole body. Props: block (optional)
Section 19
  • A warming flow to strengthen and lengthen hip flexors. This fluid sequence is designed for those who have or might develop tension from sitting for long periods. Work to unlock tension with slow flow and repetitive, accessible movements. Props: 2 blocks (optional)
Section 20
  • A well-balanced flow that is both delicious and nutritious. Begin with some fluid movements spiced with precision and detail, then move into hips and twists with a side of fiery crow, just in time for savasana. Props: none
Section 21
  • A gentle practice to introduce mobility back into the body. Explore small movements in the spine in a rhythm that will increase energy little by little. Props: none
Section 22
  • Maintain fluidity in your spine with a powerful combination of focused movement and breath. Move methodically with detailed alignment as you work your spine in all directions. Props: block (optional)
Section 23
  • Wake up with a morning floor practice that doesn’t require standing up. Enjoy heart openers, feel good spinal twists, and hip opening poses. Props: block (optional)
Section 24
  • Feel more freedom in your body with healthy, happy joints. This mostly-on-your-back practice is a (mostly) mellow way to support your joints from head to toe. Props: strap
Section 25
  • Invigorate your mind, body, and soul with this flowing morning practice. Enjoy opening your chest, belly and hip flexors in low lunges, and then strengthen your back body with engaging backbends. Leave class feeling energized and ready for your day. Props: two blocks (optional)
Section 26
  • Encourage space and ease in your hips and back with this nourishing sequence of deep release, pulsation, and relaxation. Begin with grounded poses and make your way up to standing movements to bring fluidity to hips and low back. Props: blanket or cushion (optional)
Section 27
  • Feel the power of combining your breath with movement. This steady, breath-centered practice creates a sense of release and an expanded awareness. Expect strong standing poses, twists, hip openers, and more. Props: block (optional)
Section 28
  • Work to find a current of lightness, buoyancy, and play as you move through a sequence full of elevating and expansive shapes. Take on this energy of the air element anytime you are feeling stagnant or stuck. Props: none
Section 29
  • Greet the energy of a busy day with powerful standing poses and slowly move the body and mind down to settle in for the evening. Props: none
Section 30
  • Compassionate care for yourself when it's ""one of those days."" This whole practice is an invitation, where you're welcome to follow along with the instructions or use them as a guide as you explore your own practice. Bring care to your whole self with seated movements, building to kind standing poses, and winding down back on the ground to close with a sweet savasana. Props: block
Section 31
  • Set your internal compass with clear intentions and start the day with this well-rounded, steady-paced practice. Start with kapalabhati breath, then move into the hips, shoulders, and spine with focused awareness for what you want to draw into your life. Props: block (optional)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, you can include this challenge in your Yoga Alliance training hours, with each hour equivalent to one continuing education credit.
This challenge is entirely self- paced, allowing you to learn at your convenience.There are no imposed deadlines or time constraints for Challenge completion.
No prerequisites are required; this challenge is open to anyone interested in deepening their knowledge and practice.
No, the challenge is accessible to all individuals interested in enriching their understanding and practice of yoga.Yoga teaching certification is not a prerequisite.

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