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Peace Out Podcast is a collection of relaxation stories for children aged 5 – 12 years which focus on mindfulness, imagination, and learning about social-emotional skills. Each episode is about 10-15 minutes in length and always start off with the Calm Down Countdown to prepare listeners for a guided series of breathing and visualization exercises paired with yoga-inspired movement.

Chanel Tsang

Chanel came up with the concept for Peace Out Podcast after years of promoting social-emotional learning amongst children and their families in the early learning centre where she worked. She believes that social-emotional skills are vital to children’s success, mental health, and overall well-being.

Peace Out was created as an accessible resource to teach children about their emotions and social skills as well as finding calm and peace in their daily lives in a fun and relaxing way.

Peace Out's “relaxation stories” takes inspiration from mindfulness meditation and yoga, something Chanel has practiced for more than ten years. She recently trained as a children's yoga teacher. She currently works in a university research lab that studies social-emotional development in children and develops intervention resources for educators and families.

Chanel lives in Ontario, Canada with her partner and two amazing children. 

Rob Griffiths, Producer Rob is the founder of Bedtime FM. Born and raised in Gloucester England, where he lives with his wife and 2 sons.

My eldest son was the inspiration behind my first show Story Time. After we began to read him a bedtime story when he was 6 months old, I realized that every child should have access to free stories.

I considered providing audiobooks but then stumbled upon podcasting, which is the perfect medium for providing regular stories to parents, ready for bedtime or the school run.

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Section 1
  • A mini monkey decides to jump on you, so you'll have to stretch, breathe, and move so that the monkey jumps back off!
  • Take a dive into the ocean of your imagination! We'll meet a dolphin, a jellyfish, and even a shark!
  • Today we're going to go to a place that's always quiet and where we can always go...using our imagination!
  • We'll be using the idea of running in a way that's relaxing for your body and mind. A favorite children's classic with a calming twist.
  • Use your senses and imagination to explore a special forest—your forest. We introduce the concept of shinrin-yoku, or forest bathing, and encourage everyone to go outdoors and spend time in nature.
  • What better way to calm down than to imagine that you’re a fluffy dandelion seed floating on a warm spring breeze?
  • Need a quick pick-me-up? This is a short relaxation story inspired by superheroes! We’ll stretch, breathe, and talk about how we can be everyday superheroes by using a superpower that we can all have: compassion!
  • Join us for a journey through the water cycle! We’re going to imagine ourselves as tiny drops of water falling from a rain cloud, rushing through a waterfall, and evaporating back up to the sky. We’ll focus on breathing, gentle movements, and visualization for this short story.
  • Today we talk about asthma and test out how it feels to have asthma. We also try out a breathing exercise called belly breathing that is meant to increase airflow to your lungs.
  • “Every child is a different kind of flower and all together make this world a beautiful garden.” Pretend to be a flower, growing out of a tiny seed into a beautiful, strong plant. Today’s story is a great visualization exercise that also introduces the life cycle of a plant and touches on the importance of diversity in both plants and people.
  • Everyone gets angry and feels upset sometimes, but when you do, do you react or respond? There’s a big difference between reacting and responding, and in today’s episode, we talk about how to be more mindful of our emotions and actions by pausing before responding. The focus will be on listening and breathing, with very little movement, so this would be a great episode to play in the car!
  • Welcome aboard! This is the final boarding call for anyone who is in need of a relaxing mini mind vacation! Fly with us through the clouds as we stretch, breathe, and imagine our way to our destination: your favorite place on earth!
  • Music can inspire, excite, and even calm us. Today we are going to practice focusing by listening to a piece of classical music. Whenever you notice yourself thinking of something else or your attention drawn somewhere else, it’s okay—just refocus on the music. It will take a lot of practice (millions of adults practice this every day when they meditate) to focus so this can be an episode you listen to more than once. There are no movements so it’s a great one to listen to in the car too.
  • Unicorns are everywhere lately, don’t you think? Books, movies, stickers, hairstyles, even coffee drinks! It’s probably because they’re such cool magical creatures, so Peace Out decided that it was time to feature unicorns in this week’s relaxation story. I can’t wait! Let’s get started now, this is going to be great!
  • Welcome to the greatest show on earth, everyone! It's the Circus Spectacular, starring YOU! Join us as we use our body and mind to imagine ourselves being contortionists, clowning around, and flying through the air on a trapeze! A fun relaxation story to wind down to in the classroom or at home. A mindfulness story suitable for children aged 5 to 7 years old.
  • Put on your helmet and hop on your bike for a ride around in your imagination! Today we’ll focus on visualization and movement as we imagine our journey, ending with a head-to-toe relaxation exercise while we consider how we are all connected to each other and the earth.
  • For our friends in the Southern Hemisphere, the part of the world that is below the equator, it is autumn. Here’s a special autumn relaxation story for you! Let the beautiful colors of autumn leaves fill your imagination as we toss and make leaf angels in them! You will need a lot of room for this one, so make sure there is enough space around you before you begin.
  • This is the final episode of season one! Thank you for listening along with us. Today we are going to show gratitude and salute the sun, without which life on earth would not be possible. Let’s travel to space and learn more about the amazing sun! And make sure you listen to the end to hear an exciting announcement about Peace Out season two!

Meet Your Teacher

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Chanel Tsang
Chanel came up with the concept for Peace Out Podcast after years of promoting social-emotional learning... Read more

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Absolutely, you can include this podcast in your Yoga Alliance training hours, with each hour equivalent to one continuing education credit.
This podcast is entirely self- paced, allowing you to learn at your convenience.There are no imposed deadlines or time constraints for Podcast completion.
No prerequisites are required; this podcast is open to anyone interested in deepening their knowledge and practice.
No, the podcast is accessible to all individuals interested in enriching their understanding and practice of yoga.Yoga teaching certification is not a prerequisite.

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