Phoenix Power!

An Arm Balancing, Hip Opening, Backbending Workshop

3 Hours
to Complete

Receive a Full

3 CEUs Upon

Course Access

Are you looking for a challenge?

Join world-renowned teacher Sianna Sherman and play with your edge in this phoenix-powered workshop full of intense core work, spirited backbends, powerful inversions, playful arm balances, and deep hip-opening work.

This workshop is geared toward experienced yogis, but anyone can benefit from its step-by-step approach. Learn handstand away from the wall, weight-bearing and non-weight-bearing versions of side crow (as well as how to transition into side crow then eka pada koundinyasana I from tripod headstand), full splits, a one-legged wheel pose, forearm stand, and more!

As you explore pose breakdowns, creative variations, and move through heat-building flows, discover how this experience can help you become more radiant and empowered (like that high-flying, luminous bird) both on and off the mat.

In this 3 hour digital course, you will learn:

  • creative pose variations
  • intermediate to advanced pose breakdowns and demos
  • strengthening vinyasa flows
  • breathwork
  • mudra work
  • storytelling—including the myth of the pheonix and the myth of Nataraj (dancing siva)
  • and chanting

Sianna Sherman

Sianna Sherman is an internationally celebrated yoga teacher, evocative storyteller and passionate speaker at conferences and festivals throughout the world. Sianna is the founder of Mythic Yoga Flow, a featured teacher of YogaGlo online yoga, and the co-founder of Urban Priestess, a modern-day mystery school for women. Sianna leads 200 + 300-hour Fearless Heart Teacher Trainings around the globe, and writes for multiple magazines. She is currently collaborating with Yoga Journal to offer an online program called The Goddess Project. In 2008, Sianna was featured by Yoga Journal as one of the 21 top talented young teachers, shaping the future of yoga worldwide and today, she is committed to helping ignite the alchemy of yoga for a lifetime of sustainable practice and transformation

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