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Radiant Rituals is a program that immerses you in a daily routine of well-being and inner connection. Each day, we'll guide you through yoga, meditation, powerful affirmations, Ayurvedic wisdom, mantra, mudra, and more. This program is not just a routine, but a commitment to cultivating wholeness and vitality in daily life, inviting you to join a journey towards connection, harmony and inner luminosity.

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Unit 1
  • Section 1
    • Download this PDF for more information.
  • Section 1
    • Discover how ayurvedic medicine can guide you on a transformative journey, inviting you to delve deeper into your true essence and cultivate a harmonious relationship with the environment.
    • Whenever I had a hard time falling asleep as a child (which didn’t happen very often), my father would make me a warm cup of milk with a spoonful of honey. He always served it to me on the same bunny rabbit saucer, and I never doubted the power of that honey-milk to roll me into a cozy slumber. So today, when I feel restless at night, I cook up this sweet coconut milk recipe. It contains the heart of my dad’s recipe, with a little ayurvedic twist for the yogi in me. Along with its nostalgic and sleep-inducing qualities, the following recipe is particularly great for women during their luteal phase,...
  • Section 2
    • Wake up with a morning floor practice that doesn’t require standing up. Enjoy heart openers, feel good spinal twists, and hip opening poses.
    • Cultivate calm with this short meditation for well-being. You’ll begin with breath awareness before shifting your focus toward feelings of peace, contentment, and love. Allow those feelings to grow, moment by moment, and carry their light with you into your day.
    • Greet the morning with self-care at its core. Engage in a short yet revitalizing routine that includes personal prayer, easy movements, and a delightful nature connection. Begin your day by nurturing your inner self amidst the beauty of the world around you.
  • Section 3
    • Feel into the foundations of your mind, body, and soul in this spacious practice. Begin in a comfortable seated posture, focusing your breath. Next, enjoy side bends, hamstring stretches, and front body openers, designed to help you connect to the earth with every move. Props: block (optional), blanket (optional)
    • Drop into stillness and finding what's most important with a guided breathing practice of viloma pranayama ("against the hair") or three-part breath, filling from the bottom of the torso to the middle to the top. This accessible practice starts with instruction of the breath followed by a few minutes of practice. Props: blankets to sit on
    • Feeling restless at night? Join Hilary for an all-levels guided yoga nidra that’s designed to promote deep rest and relaxation so that you feel refreshed in the morning. Get cozy in a comfortable space (you could do this practice from bed) and enjoy.
  • Section 4
    • In this revitalizing flow designed to connect you to source, Sianna Sherman shares her morning breathwork practice which combines simple yet energizing movements, visualizations, and powerful exhalations. You’ll begin with a series of seated warm-ups. After that, you’ll practice energizing squats, move through rounds of surya namaskar, and make a heartfelt offering to the day in a prone position. Once you’re done, you’ll conclude in a simple seated pose with your hands in anjali mudra.
    • Is life feeling more hectic than usual? Let this calming audio meditation help you tap into inner resources of peace and ease. This recording includes a restful centering practice, a brief body scan, breath awareness, and more. Gift yourself well-being and tranquility today and every day.
    • Invite rejuvenation into your day with ancient wellness rituals. Discover the transformative power of gharshana, the raw silk glove brushing technique, to release anxiety and exfoliate skin. Pair it with the soothing abhyanga oil massage for organ detoxification. Complete your daily dinacharya (routine) by integrating these practices, enhanced with a warm shower.
    • Learn how two Ayurvedic herbs, brahmi and ashwagandha, can soothe your nervous system.
  • Section 5
    • Breathe, move, and find internal equanimity through this well-rounded practice. Begin seated with gentle spinal movements, then find some kneeling poses before moving up to strong, standing poses with steady breath. Props: 2 blocks (optional)
    • A guided audio meditation to wake up on the right side of the bed by setting a clear intention for the day to come. Visualize how you want each segment of the day to turn out before you move into action.
    • Tanya leads a 10-minute mudra-focused sequence that explores the elements—earth, water, fire, air, and ether—through each finger.
  • Section 6
    • Warm up your body from the inside out with intentional, continuous movement to start your day off right. Begin with gentle core work and hip openers on your back before moving onto a well-rounded flow that includes standing poses, backbends, and twists. Props: 2 blocks, blanket
    • This simple yoga nidra practice is designed to prepare the mind and body for restful sleep. Observe and gently shift your breath, weaving a sense of calm through each inhale and exhale, transitioning from an active state to one of restoration.
    • In this session, Indu explains what certain signs on the tongue, such as buildup or inflammation, mean from an ayurvedic perspective. She teaches you how to use a tongue scraper and about the benefits of oil pulling for oral hygiene as well as a simple method for doing it. Props: copper or stainless steel tongue scraper, cold-pressed sesame oil, warm water, a small towel
  • Section 7
    • Begin your day with a foundation of gratitude. You'll playfully shake your body, then do sun salutations, and conclude with a serene meditation. Props: none
    • Wake up your body and mind with this energizing breath practice. You'll be guided through three different practices: kapalabhati (skull shining breath), nadi shodhana (alternate nostril breathing), and ujjaii pranayama (throat breathing). See how this trio can help you feel uplifted and ready to tackle your day. Props: something to sit on
    • Soothe your heart with this fourth chakra practice that’s designed to help you express more love and compassion to the people in your life. You’ll do chest tapping to activate your heart center, practice nadi shodhana to calm your mind, say a gentle affirmation to yourself, and more. Enjoy this heart-expanding experience.
  • Section 8
    • Embody the wisdom of Aparigraha, or "non-grasping" through a flow of twisting postures including thread the needle, revolved crested lunge, and seated twist. In this practice, you'll explore the transformative power of releasing attachments and creating more space for the unchanging aspects of your deepest self. Props: none
    • The small things in life are worth celebrating, and this class helps you recognize your tiny and mighty achievements. Focus on your breath, allow yourself to accept your small victories, and be well.
    • The avahana mudra is an ancient practice used in Vedic rituals to invoke the divine. Personally, I use it to invoke my light, or my personal truth, from within. It helps me to let go, pay attention, be more focused, and avoid “leaking” my energy. This mudra was taught to me by my teacher A.G. Mohan, who was a student of Krishnamacharya from 1971 to 1989 and who co-founded the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram in Chennai, India, and by his wife Indra Mohan (also a student of Krishnamacharya). The intention of avahana mudra is to ask what I do not need to be removed. When I practice it, that which clouds...
  • Section 1
    • This roasted beet soup with kale pairs beautifully with a piece of thick multi-grain bread.
    • In this episode, we delve into two core pillars of a healthy Ayurvedic lifestyle: ama and ojas. According to Ayurvedic medicine, ama are toxins that can cause stagnation and blockages in the body, mind, and spirit. In this enlightening session, you will discover powerful Ayurvedic lifestyle practices, including yoga and meditation, that facilitate the release of ama while cultivating the energy of vitality known as ojas so that you can live a healthy, vibrant life.
    • Discover the qualities of pitta, one of the three Ayurvedic doshas.
  • Section 2
    • Experience joy and energy flowing through you as you move through a steady-paced sequence that incorporates thread the needle, side angle pose and revolved head to knee. By the end of this practice, you'll have released longstanding tension that's been hindering your capacity for true enjoyment. Props: 2 blocks
    • In this class, you’ll refine two foundational breathing practices: kapalabhati (skull shining breath) and ujjayi (victory breath). Then, you’ll practice them in a pranayama sequence that builds toward 108 repetitions of kapalabhati and 12 rounds of ujjayi. Enjoy the option of resting or meditation on your own after class. Props: none
    • Learn the mental and physical benefits of trataka (a yogic focusing practice) and how to do this simple shat kriya. In this guided trataka practice, you’ll begin with a warm-up for your eye muscles before turning your gaze toward a candle flame. Follow Indu’s step-by-step instructions and notice the effect of this kriya on your breath and your state of mind. Items needed: small, unscented candle
  • Section 3
    • Roll out of bed and wake up your body with gentle fluid movements. Set an intention as you flow to have a great day. Props: none
    • Witness the dance of life from a place of total stillness with this guided audio meditation.
    • Let your whole body rest as you’re guided through a complete practice of 61 points (shavayatra), a systematic body scan that involves visualization and calming breathwork.
    • Through repetition of the mantra, we create either positive or negative habit patterns. Start your free 14 day trial to learn more.
  • Section 4
    • Relax effort, breathe deeply, and move slowly. This class is full of feel-good stretches that focus on releasing tension in the hamstrings, hip flexors, lower back, neck, and shoulders. Enjoy child’s pose, low lunges, half splits, neck circles, and comforting pigeon poses. Conclude with a low back release and a lovely savasana. Props: blanket, 2 blocks
    • Shift from sleepy to awake and energized in just a couple minutes! Receive a quick tutorial of kapalabhati breath (skull-shining breath) before practicing a few rounds to get your day going. Props: blankets to sit on, tissues
    • Live as an expression of love and light. Learn mudras that are associated with each individual syllable of the gayatri mantra and discover what this mantra, combined with mudra, can bring into your life.
  • Section 5
    • An energizing morning practice to build strength and resilience for the day ahead. Enjoy multi-dimensional sun salutations that include half squats, hamstring-openers, twists, and more. Props: none
    • Cultivate the essence of your inner strength and courage with this brief audio meditation. In this musical journey, you'll experience and be invited to chant a mantra (jay shri ma kali kali ma jay shri ma ananda ma durga devi jagadambe shri ma) to bring forth bravery of heart and lean into the discomfort of life with real positive impact.
    • In this episode, Kathryn discusses the type of diet that’s balancing for pitta dosha. She explains the difference between agni (fire) and pitta, and offers you an overview of pitta’s qualities and the types of tastes that can nourish and pacify this dosha. You’ll get tea and aromatic oil recommendations, a spice mix recipe, seasonal eating suggestions, digestive remedies for “an overheated pitta,” and more.
  • Section 6
    • Invigorate your mind, body, and soul with this flowing morning practice. Enjoy opening your chest, belly and hip flexors in low lunges, and then strengthen your back body with engaging backbends. Leave class feeling energized and ready for your day. Props: two blocks (optional)
    • This practice of yoga nidra emphasizes the opportunity for unlocking the potency of creativity and insight as the busy mind is calmed and restful awareness emerges.
    • Learn and practice agni sara while seated in baddha konasana (bound angle pose) and then while standing. After each practice, Indu offers you reflective questions to help you observe your body, breath, and mind. She also explains the nuances of the physical movements in agni sara (so you can connect with the practice on a deeper, more sustainable level) and how to combine agni sara with other shat kriyas. Props: blanket, cushion, or chair
  • Section 7
    • Inspire an optimistic spirit by supporting and nourishing your mind and body. Enjoy feel good thigh and calf stretches, along with hip and heart openers. Props: 2 blocks, strap
    • Slow your thoughts, observe your breath and feel the light that flows through you in this deeply restful yoga nidra practice.
    • Learn about the gunas and how they reveal, conceal, and stir us up.
  • Section 8
    • A practice that meets you exactly where you are, chock full of feel-good, full-body poses. Feel strong in standing poses and expansive in backbends. Settle in to feel better in your body. Props: block (optional)
    • A breathing practice to nurture and connect with yourself first before supporting others. Box breathing (sama vrtti) is an equal-counted inhale and exhale that supports a sense of centering and grounding. Props: block or cushion to sit on
    • Support your digestive process with samana mudra or surya pranayama, both breathing mudras you can do following a meal. Props: none
  • Section 1
    • If you’d like to add a sweet, ojas-building food to your recipe box, try these Almond Date Ojas Balls
    • Discover the three doshas—vata, pitta, and kapha—and their role as the gateway to understanding your unique body. Uncover signs of imbalance, body type, and personality traits for each dosha, along with the elemental components. Learn how to adjust your diet, lifestyle, routines, exercise, and emotions to effectively manage and transform stress. Embrace the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda to cultivate a balanced and harmonious life.
    • Learn about the qualities of vata, of the three ayruvedic doshas. Start your free trial today to learn more on ayurveda.
  • Section 2
    • Start your day well with this steady-paced, well-rounded practice to wake up your body and mind with kindness. Begin lying down in savasana, and then move into gentle grounded poses before standing up to build strength and energy. Close the practice with grounded backbends, twists, and finally savasana again. Come back to this practice each morning to support a great day! Props: 2 blocks (optional)
    • Discover peace and tranquility through this practice of witnessing sensations and emotions. When getting caught up in the moment, this practice reminds you that you are not the candle or the fire, but the light of the flame. Props: none
    • Synchronize with the day's dosha-driven cycle. Learn how doshic imbalances affect sleep and discover techniques for a good night’s rest.
  • Section 3
    • Let go of expectations and old stories in this dynamic, forgiving class. Flow through poses that open your hamstrings and hips, while truly challenging you to let go of your inner critic. Leave class feeling open to your authentic self.
    • Discover alternate nostril breath (nadi shodhana), a breathing practice to support equanimity and balance in your whole system. Props: block or something to sit on, additional block or pillow to support your arm (optional)
    • Let go of tension with this end-of-the-day routine for your feet. You’ll begin by rolling a marker up and down your feet. After that, you’ll massage your feet with oil. Along the way, Indu explains how massaging different points on your feet can support different parts of your body. If you’d like to try this practice, have a marker (or a pencil or small ball) and a small amount of cold-pressed sesame oil on hand. Props: none
    • These chin mudras (yogic hand gestures) can help you focus the mind.
  • Section 4
    • Work to find a current of lightness, buoyancy, and play as you move through a sequence full of elevating and expansive shapes. Take on this energy of the air element anytime you are feeling stagnant or stuck. Props: none
    • Let go of concerns and obligations while your whole body softens and releases tension with each breath throughout the practice. Lie down, get comfortable, and begin. Props: eye mask (optional)
    • Explore what’s getting in the way of your creativity with this brief exercise. Have paper and pen ready!
  • Section 5
    • Set your internal compass with clear intentions and start the day with this well-rounded, steady-paced practice. Start with kapalabhati breath, then move into the hips, shoulders, and spine with focused awareness for what you want to draw into your life. Props: block (optional)
    • Create a relaxing refuge for your mind to soften and heal. Start in a comfortable seated position and begin the process of drawing your senses away from the external world and into your inner landscape. Focus on your breath and use the mantra "so hum," which translates to “I am that,” identifying yourself with the whole of the universe. Peaceful and loving affirmations help to guide you into a safe, quiet space within yourself. Props: chair or small cushion
    • All About Food for Vata (Section 2. Episode 5)

  • Section 6
    • Enjoy a lifetime of healthy flexibility with this practice that's tailor-made for your spine, hips, and shoulders. Feel your body stretch and move through a variety of poses including twists, heart openers, and more. Props: 2 blocks, strap
    • Melt into sleep mode with this short meditation that emphasizes breath awareness.
    • Mudras are a non-verbal mode of communication and self-expression, consisting of hands, face, and body postures. They retain the efficacy of the spoken word. It is an external expression of inner resolve, suggesting that such non-verbal communications are more powerful than the spoken word. Mudras are a combination of elegance and mysticism. They purify, energize, and divinize the spiritual aspirant in a similar way as mantra recitation. Surabhi mudra [pictured right; described below] is a very effective and powerful mudra. By itself, this mudra helps an aspirant practitioner (sadhaka) to break...
  • Section 7
    • Extend yourself love and compassion in this sweet, nurturing practice. Enjoy calming forward folds, side-body openers, and a little time to explore organic, free movements. Leave class knowing you desrve as much love as you give. Props: 2 blocks
    • Tap into your inherent goodness and know that your greatest self lies within. Feel how connecting to this internal light will benefit all aspects of your life. Props: none
    • Learn proactive measures for taking care of your ears and your hearing with this simple oil application practice. Indu also offers practical lifestyle suggestions that can help you be more kind to your ears. Props: none
  • Section 8
    • Feel the power of combining your breath with movement. This steady, breath-centered practice creates a sense of release and an expanded awareness. Expect strong standing poses, twists, hip openers, and more. Props: block (optional)
    • Still your busy mind with a quick but impactful practice designed to support your focus and meditation practice. Find a comfortable seat and center yourself with breathwork before lying down in savasana and focusing on your smooth, healing breath. Props: blanket
    • Cultivate inner peace with this sound bath designed to support early morning ease of being. You’ll begin with a body scan, a calming breath practice, and an inspirational affirmation. After that, you’ll move on to the sound bath—enjoy this opportunity to begin your day with these relaxing yet illuminating sounds.
  • Section 1
    • A simple kitchari recipe for a nourishing meal. Learn how to make this wholesome and cleansing Ayurvedic dish at home.
    • Join us on a captivating journey as we delve into the Ayurvedic diet amidst the overwhelming array of modern food choices. Gain insights into the diverse nutritional impacts on individuals and uncover the wisdom of the five elemental theory and the six tastes. We'll explore how food can serve as a healing pharmacy, aiding in the release of toxins and enhancing vitality. Embrace a deeper connection with the spirit and pranic energy of food, transforming mealtime into a sacred and harmonious healing experience.
    • Learn about the qualities of kapha, one of the three Ayurvedic doshas.
  • Section 2
    • Start this daily sequence with a centering practice in crocodile and child’s pose, tuning in to your breath and letting go of tension. After that, you’ll do a whole-body warm-up before moving on to standing poses, agni sara (fire essence), kapalabhati (skull shining breath), pigeon, seated twists, and more. Wind down at the end with a guided relaxation in savasana.
    • A relaxing yoga nidra practice to ground your awareness in the present moment. Feel the nourishment of your breath and the warm blanket of relaxation soften tension and overactive thoughts. Props: none
    • What does ayurveda suggest as cleansers for the skin? In this session, you’ll learn about Indu’s refreshing facial cleanser (Yogis Glow) and how to wash your face in a thorough and nourishing way. If you’d like to try this practice, have Yogis Glow or a natural facial cleanser, warm water, and a towel available.
  • Section 3
    • Feel into your capacity to lead with a brave, open heart. Backbends are the star of this practice, elongating your front body and strengthening your back. Hear how the great god and goddess of yoga, Shiva and Durga, relate to these heart openers to become soft in heart, sharp in mind, and vibrant in bodies and beings. Props: 2 blocks, blanket
    • In this grounding and yet enlivening meditation practice, you’ll chant the bija (seed) syllables "sa ta na ma" while tapping your fingers to your thumbs. You’ll repeat this mantra out loud at first, then as a whisper, and finally, internally. Then, you'll repeat the process in reverse. Use it to sharpen your focus whenever you need a mental boost.
    • When to seek initiation, and how mantras truly work, and transform the spiritual aspirant, on a subtle level.
  • Section 4
    • Warm up with half sun salutes and rounds of sun salutations and variations that that are evenly paced. Enjoy this opportunity to put a little spice in your sun salutation! Props: none
    • Strengthen the connection between your heart and your mind with this breath awareness practice that’s designed to instill confidence.
    • Shiva Linga Mudra

  • Section 5
    • Embody the humble warrior in the balance of a beginner’s mind and internal strength. Our ability to come home to our body, to introspect and go outward with a willingness to try, fail and start again is how we walk as a humble warrior. Props: none
    • Cozy up and drop into the kind of deep relaxation that is unique to yoga nidra. Take a few moments to settle in, then practice bringing mindful awareness to different regions of your body. Props: blanket (optional)
    • In this episode, Kathryn explores the type of diet that’s balancing for kapha dosha. She discusses kapha’s qualities and the types of foods and tastes that can nourish and stimulate this dosha. You’ll get tea recommendations, a spice mix recipe, seasonal eating suggestions, and more.
  • Section 6
    • Cultivate steadiness through both movement and stillness with this stabilizing practice. You’ll do basic flows where you’ll increase the length of your inhales and exhales as you progress, and you’ll also hold poses like side angle, chair, child’s pose variations, upavistha konasana (wide-legged seated forward bend), and more, for up to a minute. The experience concludes with a grounding breath and meditation practice.
    • Awaken more compassion from within in this short audio meditation journey. You'll do a visualization and then chant the medicine buddha mantra (Tadyatha Om Bhekhandze Bhekandze Maha Bhekandze Radza Samudgate Soha). Give it a try and soak in your energetic presence.
    • Early last spring, Richard Louv spoke at the Lensic in Santa Fe, New Mexico, to promote his new book, Vitamin N: The Essential Guide to a Nature-Rich Life: 500 Ways to Enrich Your Family’s Health & Happiness. I attended his talk with my good friend Katie Arnold, who writes “Raising Rippers,” an Outside magazine column about raising active, outdoor kids. We were there to hear Louv’s message, which supports our own similar parenting commitments.  You may know Louv as the journalist who introduced the phrase “nature deficit disorder” in his groundbreaking book, Last Child in the Woods. In his latest...
  • Section 7
    • Wake up and feel ready to tackle your day with this feel good, stretchy yin class. Focus on opening your lower back, sides of your body, and hamstrings Begin in half butterfly pose, with options to modify for your unique body. Supine twists followed by savasana round out your practice. Take this time to quiet your mind and ease into your day. Props: 2 blocks, blanket
    • Awaken your sixth chakra with this clarifying practice designed to help you tap into your intuitive wisdom. You’ll begin with a third eye practice before moving on to a worry-releasing massage for your forehead, a moonlight visualization, and more. Enjoy the grounded feeling you might experience afterward, and allow it to carry you throughout your day.
    • In ayurveda, neti (nasal wash) is both a preventative and therapeutic practice designed to reduce congestion. In this session, you’ll learn how and how often to do it and which yogic practices complement it. If you’d like to try this practice, have a neti pot with distilled warm water, salt (table or Himalayan salt), a large bowl, a measuring implement such as a quarter teaspoon for adding the salt, and a small towel on hand. Indu will give you directions as to how to salt the water.
    • Ever wondered how to practice jala neti (nasal wash)? Here's your guide.
  • Section 8
    • This grounding and energizing continuous-movement sequence for caretakers pulls us back to center so that we can go out into the world and be of service. We show up best for the people in our lives, especially our children, when we tend to ourselves first. Props: none
    • A sweet meditation to come back to your compassionate, centered self. Explore the mantra “so hum” (I am that), heart-focused awareness, and invitations for loving all parts of yourself. Props: blanket or cushion (optional)
    • Release stored tension anytime, anywhere with this simple yet profound practice. You'll practice two different breathing techniques: ujjayi (victorious breath) and nadi shodhana (alternate nostril breath). This combo is designed to slow your breathing down and activate your parasympathetic nervous system. Props: chair or something to sit on
  • Section 9
    • Section 10
      • This traditional Indian dish is a perfect healthy dinner on a cold night to warm up the body. Join for more delicious recipes.
      • Something deep within calls us to grow, awaken, and evolve. Paul Muller-Ortega Ph.D explains that Awakening is distinct from Enlightenment, because it represents the initial glimpse or acknowledgment that sparks the individual to know themself more deeply.
    • Section 11
      • Activate your entire body with balancing poses, twists, and upper-body strengthening. Start strong, stretch out, and complete your practice with low back and hamstring releases before resting in final savasana. Props: none
      • In this 15-minute guided “metta” or love and kindness meditation, you’ll focus on key phrases that Oneika provides throughout the class that mindfully offer love, peace, and happiness to individuals in our lives. Enjoy this tranquil meditation!
      • According to the Vedas, our soul has four distinct desires. Learning to honor these desires leads us to a complete and balanced life.
    • Section 12
      • In this meditative morning class, you’ll begin with a dynamic bridge sequence followed by two pranayama practices: bhastrika (bellows breath) and surya bhedana (piercing the sun). After that you’ll practice dynamic movement in and out of warrior I, triangle, and chair pose. The second half of the class is devoted to core awareness and strengthening in plank, side plank, cobra, locust, boat, and half spinal twist. Enjoy this opportunity to start your day with clarity and strength!
      • Connect to your emotional state in an accepting way .with this reflective practice. You’ll bring your awareness to how your body responds to your thoughts, repeat the Koham (Who am I?) mantra silently, and be guided through light-filled visualizations where Indu encourages you to explore silence. Enjoy this opportunity to greet yourself in a peaceful way.
      • A misunderstanding of karma yoga can often lead to more inequality. Here, a teacher reflects on a more effective approach.
    • Section 13
      • Quiet down to hear the voice of truth residing within. Begin belly down in crocodile pose, and move into forward folds, powerful standing poses, and an activating abdominal breathing exercise to fuel your fire. Props: 2 blankets (optional)
      • Enter into a deep and restful sleep with this yoga nidra practice. You’ll be guided to let go of your thinking mind and connect with breath and sensation in order to experience a deeper sense of well-being as you drift off to sleep.
      • This unwinding evening routine supports rest, rejuvenation, and deep sleep. You’ll do gentle movements and stretches designed to improve your circulation, a face massage, a reflection on the events of your day, and more. Along the way, Indu explains which element each of these practices relates to (air, fire, water, earth, or ether) and pauses occasionally so you can absorb your experience. Enjoy this grounding way to end your day! Have a blanket available for this practice.
      • Guided by the teachings of Vedanta, the student examines the phenomenon of happiness in order to ascertain its source.
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