Strong Core Challenge

30 Minutes
Per Week

A New Class
Every Week

Weekly Reminder

Anytime, Anywhere

Join us for the Strong Core Challenge—a series of classes that will help you to not only build your core strength, but also your confidence, enthusiasm, and capacity to handle life's challenges. Each week, for four weeks, you will receive a brand-new practice that will introduce fresh, fun, and delightfully intense ways to activate your core. 

Take this challenge and you will:

  • Get one class each week for four weeks (you can do each week's class three to five times that week!).
  • Learn core-strengthening techniques that go beyond basic crunches and can be practiced individually or within a sequence.
  • Discover how to move with integrity and strength (rather than using momentum alone) in flow classes.
  • Explore how to use props to stabilize and empower your core work.
  • Experience creative core-powered transitions and pose modifications that will heat up and add variety to your practice.

Sign up today and take the Strong Core Challenge! 

Jennifer Galardi

Nationally recognized star of numerous best-selling dance, fitness and yoga DVD’s, Jennifer Galardi is a popular figure among top media, held in high esteem throughout the fitness industry, and adored by fans

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