The 30 Days of Yoga Challenge

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Challenge Overview

This challenge is designed to help you get started or to stay consistent with a regular yoga practice, even when you're traveling and/or in the midst of a jam-packed schedule.

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3 CEU’s Upon Completion

Self Paced Learning

Challenge Outline

30 Days to complete

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Section 1
  • Wake up with this vibrant 20-minute morning class. Join Jen as she guides you through dynamic warm-ups, lunges, side stretches, and quad stretches.
Section 2
  • Ease tension in your shoulders and neck, creating more space for your breath and mind. Start with simple warm-ups to open the neck and shoulders, and continue through variations of opening the upper body, freeing the breath.
Section 3
  • To work with the back, we usually think of engaging just the back of the body, but in this sequence, Luke targets the abdomen as well as the back in a series of warm-ups to prepare for back-strengthening postures. After warm-ups in table pose, the back is left supple and open, ready for the strengthening cobra and boat poses.
Section 4
  • A great practice to do after the afternoon lull to pick up your energy for the rest of the day and into the evening. Start with gentle, standing warm-ups focused on grounding into the floor. Stay effortless and connect with the breath as you move through simple sun salutations and utkatasana (chair pose) and finally awaken the body through abdominal work.
Section 5
  • Want to learn a new sun salutation? Join Sarah for a unique variation (vayu salutes) designed to increase your vitality, strength, balance, and stability! This short, dynamic practice (full of squats, downdogs, warriors, lunges, and more) will help you get ready to embrace the day!
Section 6
  • Do you bring a lot of tension home with you after a long day? Try this soothing (and short) five-step practice. This ten-minute (all-levels) sequence can be done at your desk on a quick work break, or in the comfort of your own home.
Section 7
  • Cranky feet? Join Jean as she guides you through a sequence that will provide some much-needed sole support. This quick 15-minute practice will conclude with a self-massage foot-rub technique you can do for yourself every day.
Section 8
  • Focus the energy of your mind and body toward an intention that takes you beyond yourself with this unique sun salutation practice. Learn how to: Use the breath (ujjayi breathing) to flow continuously through the movements.Use your gaze to help you focus your attention.Use mula bhandha (pelvic floor lock).Bring all three together to focus your energy toward a higher intention (perhaps dedicating your practice to a spiritual goal, or to someone or something).
Section 9
  • The fire at our navel center is vital to our spiritual growth and fulfillment! This short practice focuses on the abdomen and navel center (manipura chakra), our core. It includes the fire series and other abdominal work to awaken your inner fire and build core strength from which inner strength and conviction naturally grow. The practice concludes with a brief relaxation.
Section 10
  • Too agitated to meditate? Learn how to make yourself a comfortable seat! Join Sarah in opening up the joints and preparing the body so it won't become the distraction that stops you from moving within. Start by cultivating fluidity with wrist and hip circles, dynamic child's pose, downdog, bent-knee-three-legged dog, bound angle, spinal twist, and happy baby. Consciousness loves space, so, let's cultivate spaciousness! The more space you can create in your body, the deeper your meditation will be!For this class you'll need: 1 blanket, or a prop that allows the crest of your hips to sit higher than...
Section 11
  • Are you hopping safely from downdog to forward fold? Or from forward fold back into plank? Join Jessica in a series of exercises that condition the abdominals and help get your hips over your shoulders so that you can take that leap with confidence! Have fun, and hop to it!
Section 12
  • Have a project you're working on but can't get focused? Join Jen for 10 minutes of mindful breathing and asana that will sharpen your mind for the task at hand.
Section 13
  • Stimulate and fire up your kapha with this active morning practice. It starts with the ayurvedic style of bhastrika pranayama (bellows breath), in which the torso opens and contracts with the breath. Kathryn then guides you through two variations of sun salutation, coordinating movement with the breath. She suggests modifications to the postures to accommodate different levels of students. The practice concludes with a stomach squeeze and child’s pose. For this class you'll need: block or blanket for child’s pose (optional).
  • Pacifying kapha in the evening is tricky! We want to wind down before sleep, but we also want to get rid of any congestion or sluggishness. That’s why the first part of this practice is quite active and the last part is restorative. The active sequence includes Breath of Joy (vigorous breathing plus movement), as well as a “moon” salutation and supported twist (both with ujjayi breathing). The session ends with a supported, reclining bound angle pose that opens the chest. \n\nFor active sequence you'll need: 1-2 blocks (optional); For restorative pose you'll need: 4 blocks, 4 blankets, and a bolster.
Section 14
  • A great sequence to access and activate the core abdominal muscles. This practice includes creative postures and helpful alignment tips. It can stand on its own merits or be included in a longer practice.
Section 15
  • Do your hips and hamstrings feel more like enemies than friends? This practice will help you warm and gently ease into deeper stretches with the help of a yoga belt.
Section 16
  • Access your innate healing energy while releasing physical and emotional toxins stored in the abdomen. This simple sequence of breath work and movement activates, cleanses, and nourishes the abdominal organs, providing energy and wellbeing to body and mind.Begin with breathing focused on the abdomen. Continue through twisting, strengthening, and churning movements, and a final relaxation and breathing practice. For this class you'll need: cushion for head, meditation cushion (optional)
Section 17
  • This is a great practice to do when you’re busy, on vacation, or simply want to do a shorter, energizing practice. Classical sun salutations are a good way to warm the entire body and move with the breath. As you do a number of repetitions of the sun salutation, Kate invites you to focus on a different center along the spine for each movement of the practice.
Section 18
  • Ground and stabilize yourself and call back the fragmented parts of yourself with this short practice designed to calm and balance vata dosha, the wind element. Susie begins by having you feel the support of the earth as you lie face up. She then moves on to gentle floor work and postures including downward dog, plank, and extended child’s pose as well as a flowing standing sequence linking chair pose, forward bend, and arm swings that gather energy and center it at the chest. The session ends with grounding through the feet.
Section 19
  • This step-by-step approach to the handstand will help you align and strengthen your wrists, arms, and shoulders, so that they can support the weight of your body in a handstand against the wall.
Section 20
  • In the midst of an after-lunch slump? Instead of reaching for that second (or third!) cup of coffee, try this easy 10-minute asana sequence for a quick pick-me-up.
Section 21
  • Restore, nourish, and cleanse, while giving a gentle stretch to the inner thighs, as you rest in supported supta baddha konasana (reclined bound angle pose). With the help of the breath, bring space and ease to each area of the body, from head to toes. Then stimulate major energy centers in the core of the body through a visualization of light that finally expands to fill your inner space.\n\nFor this class you'll need: 2 yoga blocks, bolster, 2 blankets, and a small pillow.
Section 22
  • Prepare for meditation with this short and efficient practice. We’ll start in a comfortable seated position to center ourselves with the breath and engage the pelvic floor. Our focus will be to draw a line of energy through the body, from the root (pelvic floor) all the way to the crown of the head. From this center line, we’ll move dynamically through various postures. To conclude, we'll relax in shavasana(corpse pose) before starting our meditation practice. Props (optional): blankets and cushions.
Section 23
  • Learn what prana vayu actually feels like through simple exercises focused on the heart, lungs, and ribcage, where prana vayu is concentrated. Moving with inner awareness, stretch and strengthen the muscles of the chest and arms, relieving physical and emotional stagnation around the heart and allowing the chest to awaken.
Section 24
  • Looking for a super-quick, core-strengthening practice? Join Jen for this fun 10-minute class that will fire you up and empower your day.
Section 25
  • Awaken and contain apana vayu by systematically working the key muscles of the pelvis. Apana vayu is one of the five subdivisions of prana (the life force). It is concentrated in the pelvis and is responsible for physical, mental, and emotional detoxification. Shari guides you in activating and releasing the muscles of the pelvic floor and the back and front of the pelvis. Releasing the muscles and breathing into the pelvis helps the muscles stay strong, nourishes the pelvis, and enhances apana vayu so that it can carry away toxins.
Section 26
  • Build ojas (vital essence) and restore your body and mind with this short (15-minute) restorative practice.
Section 27
  • Arm balances can be some of the most challenging postures to work with, but also some of the most rewarding. Mayurasana (peacock pose) invigorates—well, pretty much the entire body! Join Jen in this quick sequence to build strength in the upper body and core, as well as increase flexibility in the wrists and forearms. Challenge yourself to find balance in a truly courageous way—"proud as a peacock"? It might be more accurate to say "brave as a peacock"!
Section 28
  • Do you often get tension headaches and/or migraines? This 20-minute class could provide some relief. Join Jen for a brief series of easy but effective exercises to relieve tension in the eyes, jaw, neck, and shoulders. Conclude your practice with brahmari (bumble bee breath) and makarasana (crocodile pose).
Section 29
  • This is a fun practice that resembles the changing stages of the moon, using your whole yoga mat. As you flow through this sequence of standing postures, you will move from the top of your mat around to one side, the back, the other side, and again to the top. These poses can be done any time of the month or day and will help you open the hips and move energy that might be stuck there.
Section 30
  • The true center of gravity for the body is deep in the abdomen. This yoga practice will awaken and target weak muscle groups such as the inner thighs, the pelvic floor, the gluteals, and the lower back to support your center of gravity to find and maintain balance on an emotional, mental, and physical level. Finally, use all the muscles you’ve awakened and strengthened to practice your balance in tree pose (vrksasana).\n\nFor this class you'll need: yoga block and pillow (optional)
  • The psoas major is a mysterious, complex, and often misunderstood muscle that runs from the thoracic spine to the lumbar vertebrae and the lesser trochanter of the femur. Join Kat as she explores 4 popular postures that make the psoas more supple. Her tips on how to correct some common misalignments will be helpful to yoga teachers and students alike.\n\nFor this class you'll need: cushion for the head (optional) and yoga block.

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