Breathing & Pranayama

A pranayama practice benefits body and mind. Its effects can soothe, cleanse, calm, or energize. A membership to Yoga International connects you to guidance in a range of pranayama practices that promote vitality and wellness. We provide articles and information from yoga professionals that allow you to effectively focus on the breath. Our specialized sessions in breath training can be practiced individually, or before or after a yoga practice. You’ll also find help in attaining a greater awareness of your inhalations and exhalations during pose sequences. Articles on how to do pranayama can guide you in transitioning from a yoga practice into meditation. By learning specific breathing techniques, you will better understand the physiology of the breath, including the role of the diaphragm and how the breath affects the nervous system. Do you want to learn more about basic pranayama techniques? Are you interested in more advanced breathing practices? Within our community, you will find accessible resources to support your personalized pursuit of pranayama’s benefits.

Focus on Yoga Breathing Practices

That first exhalation – the cleansing breath – begins your pranayama practice. We make it easier for you to cultivate an awareness of your yoga breathing. Our resources include breath work that is designed to center, revitalize, or cleanse. By exploring various practices, you can find the technique that feels most natural to you. Read informative articles and participate in targeted yoga breathing practices, such as those to improve digestion or ease anxiety. We have helpful tips and professional guidance provided by experts who are dedicated to the study of pranayama. Enjoy energizing, calming, or therapeutic breathing when you join our community for free today!

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