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Thanks to technology, anyone who wants to practice yoga can do so in a way that is similar to a studio experience without having to leave home. One of the best things about yoga videos is that you can personalize your experience by choosing the type of yoga that interests you, the teachers you resonate with, and when and where you want to practice. Why not bring the experts to you?

With so many options, it can be challenging to find the best yoga videos. If you’re new to yoga, you might be overwhelmed by all of the yoga videos tailored for beginners. Determining the style of yoga you want to practice and if you would rather stream classes online or buy yoga DVDs can be helpful, so we’ve put together descriptions of some popular yoga styles and our recommendations for some of the best yoga videos in these styles below.

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa is all about flow. With this style, you learn to connect movement and breath and explore a wide variety of poses. (Instructors often have more license to be creative in vinyasa than in many other styles.) This is a great style option for beginners and experienced practitioners alike.

One of the best vinyasa yoga videos for beginners is Shiva Rea’s Flow Yoga for BeginnersDVD. Although no previous experience is required, it is best suited to those who have taken a few vinyasa classes.

Rea’s 15-minute Chandra Namaskar flow, a short, fluid practice that’s suitable for all levels of practitioners, is also on our list of the best yoga videos.

Hatha Yoga

While the term “hatha yoga” technically refers to any of the pose-based practices—including all of the styles mentioned here—hatha has come to describe a slower-paced, gentler, or more traditional class. Many beginners are introduced to yoga through this style.

This gentle 30-minute hatha sequence with Molly Birkholm includes pranayama (yogic breathing exercises), classic yoga postures, and a guided relaxation at the end. It’s an excellent introduction to hatha yoga and a great video to return to for a daily practice.

For more hatha yoga videos, check out our extensive list.

Jivamukti Yoga

Founded by Sharon Gannon and David Life in the 1980s in New York, Jivamukti Yoga is a vigorous vinyasa-style practice that emphasizes moral and spiritual principles in addition to physical asanas. Because of the relatively fast-paced nature of Jivamukti, it is best for practitioners with some previous yoga experience.

Curious about Jivamukti? Try this Jivamukti intro class with Jessica Stickler. We also recommend the Transform Yourself Jivamukti Yoga DVD, led by Gannon and Life.

Yin Yoga

In yin, poses are usually held for three to five minutes (but sometimes for as long as 20 minutes!) to allow the weight of your body to facilitate deep stretches (i.e., by surrendering into the pose rather than trying to “hold” it by actively contracting muscles). Since it is a more passive style, with its emphasis on connective tissues, yin complements more dynamic (yang) styles, like vinyasa, that focus on muscles. There is also a meditative quality to yin yoga, which can produce a calming, therapeutic effect.

Leah Sugerman’s is a great place to start. This relaxing 60-minute class helps to release tension in the hips, shoulders, neck, and upper back. If you’re new to yin, this practice will serve as a great introduction to the style. Experienced yin practitioners will also benefit from this soothing sequence.

Best YouTube Yoga Videos

There is certainly no shortage of yoga instruction on YouTube. Maybe you’ve tried searching for the best yoga videos before, but haven’t yet found any that resonate with you.

On SarahBeth’s YouTube channel, you’ll find plenty of challenges for beginners. Her cues are clear, helpful, and encouraging while leaving plenty of space for you to focus inward. also features some of the best hatha yoga videos for beginners. We recommend checking out their beginners’ playlist, where you can find pose tutorials and introductory classes on yogic breathing.

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