Best of 2016: Your Favorite Articles, Classes, and Tutorials


2016 is almost through. And as is customary when the current year is coming to a close, we’re in the mood for reminiscing. And for saying THANK YOU to you, our Yoga International members and readers. Thank you for supporting our mission to share yoga with the world. We’re excited about what 2017 has in store and look forward to sharing brand new yoga classes, workshops, online courses, articles, and tutorials with you in the year to come. But in the meantime, we want to share some of our most popular articles, tutorials, and yoga classes from 2016. Enjoy re-visiting old favorites or taking in some fresh inspiration if you missed any of these the first time around!

Happy New Year from all of us here at Yoga International.

Top 10 Articles Published in 2016:

  1. Joint Hypermobility Syndrome: Yoga’s Enigmatic Epidemic? by Bernadette Birney

  2. What Your Malasana (Squat) Can Tell You About Your Body by Jenny Thomas

  3. The Secret to Stepping into A Lunge from Downward Facing Dog by Sheri Bestor

  4. 10 Hamstring Myths Debunked by Amber Burke and Jonina Turzi

  5. Is Multifidus the New Psoas? Fresh Insight into Relieving Back Pain by Bernadette Birney

  6. 7 Common Chaturanga Mistakes (And What to Do Instead) by Cézanne Colvin

  7. 10 Mistakes Young People Make Teaching Asana to Older Yogis by Michelle Marchildon

  8. Jumping Back to Plank: What’s the Big Deal? by Jenni Rawlings

  9. Yoga and The New Science of Pain by Jenni Rawlings

  10. Hot and Bothered: The Hype, History, and Science of Hot Yoga by Colin Hall

Top 10 Yoga Classes Released in 2016:

  1. 22-Minute Core Focus with Jeanne Heileman

  2. A 25-Minute Practice to Calm the Nervous System with Jim Bennitt

  3. Super Brain Yoga: 3 Minutes to a Sharper Mind with Beth Spindler

  4. Finding Sukha: A Gentle Yin Practice with Leah Sugarman

  5. Foam Rolling the Upper Back, Shoulders and Neck by Narween Otto

  6. Quick Practice: Core, Floor, and Out the Door with Jean Mazzei

  7. 10-Minute Practice to Start Your Day with Narween Otto

  8. Release Your Psoas, Release Your Lower Back with Joe Taft

  9. Office Yoga (That You Can Actually Do in Your Work Clothes) with Narween Otto

  10. 10-Minute Yoga: Move and Stretch! with Jamine Ackert

Top 10 Tutorials in 2016:

  1. One quick tip for sticking your forearmstand with Jean Mazzei

  2. Why You Should Stop Pulling Your Shoulder Blades Down (And What to Do Instead) with Jonina Turzi

  3. Cobra Vs. Updog: When to Choose What with Nikki Estrada

  4. How to Release Chronically Tight Hamstrings with Luke Ketterhagen

  5. Keeping the Shoulders Safe in Chaturanga with Jonina Turzi

  6. Transitioning from Downdog to Lunge with a Larger Body with Dianne Bondy

  7. 5-Minute Tutorial: Improve Your Chaturanga with Jessica Stickler

  8. A Quick Introduction to Foam Rolling with Narween Otto

  9. A Tip for Improving Your Arm Balances with Jim Bennitt

  10. Build a Stronger, Safer Plank with Jennifer Galardi

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